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SexLab will work in Skyblivion ?

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5 minutes ago, assassin394 said:

You are in the wrong timeline my friend. Came back here in 2022 and we...may have an answer for you :xd

The expected release date was in 2018. Somewhere I read that beta testing is already underway, of course the entire game is not yet complete, but it looks promising.

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1 hour ago, poblivion said:

of course the entire game is not yet complete, but it looks promising.

I still remember a little more than ten years ago that I have changed my PC just to play Oblivion ...

The view at the end of the sewers: a beautiful blue sky, the wind blew in the trees around swinging the branches and shivering the green leaves ... with, in front of you, a few brews away, an island supporting this which seemed to be a ruined temple made of white stones seeming to challenge you, to embark on an adventure that promised to be unforgettable ... when suddenly! A crab from nowhere falls on you without warning! The burst that I had at that moment. Wow, that promised for the future to come ...


And now eagerly waiting for the Skyblivion outcome. :classic_smile:

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