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[SEARCH] Rotating actors in sex scenes

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Hey there, I got question about changing positions of actors in sexlab scene. Currently SexLab allows to choose actor in scene and change his current position ( up/down; left/right ; forward/backward and rotate the whole scene vertically with key U. I am currently trying to rotate the actors horizontally and I cant find a way to do it, I dont even know if its possible but it would be really great if it was. I tried using the "SetAngle" and "rotate" with the axis but I can only change their position.  Later I found this great mod called "Jaxonz Positioner" which should allow you to do whatever you want with any object, I tried to rotate nearby chair and it worked, it was upside down. However, when I chose horse in currently running sexlab scene I couldnt rotate him, I could only change his position again. Im trying to make horse lay on his side or stand on two legs since there arent any animations like that. I was even thinking about editing the animation file and simply changing it there but it probably doesnt work like that. If someone knows how to do it or has some animations where the horse is standing on 2 legs/ laying on side, please let me know. Thanks ! :smile:

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