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That Ireleth bug


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So Ive been getting a bug since about February on a lot of my toons. There has been some discussion about it on other forums but the Skyrim wiki and Bethesda have made no note of it. I wonder if anyone else is having it as its pretty damning.


Basically (I never know what characters are gonna get it) I get a bug where after I bring the dragonstone to Farengar, Ireleth and the scout never show up to advance the quest. The quest just ends and you cant progress to the Dragon attack at the watchtower. Its a really really bad time in the game to have something like this happen as this is right before your first Dragon Battle. You unlock several game features making it really hard to work around this bug with the console. Anyone having this problem? I know I am not the only one, but Bethesda is either not aware of the issue or doesn't care. I was wondering how many people in our community have encountered it.


EDIT: I should also note that advancing the quest with the console and other solutions have been tried by those with the bug and met with little success. I don't know the exact details as I basically am just waiting for an official fix but I know the normal solutions are of little help. Also it seems random. I make one character who has the bug and the next new toon is clear and free.

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This sounds like a possible navmesh bug. Do you have any mods that affect the interior of that building (not including texture mods). Things that change the layout or even mods that change NPC behavior?


I remember a while back all the NPCs in Riften were messed up because of a mod that allowed you to adopt children from the orphanage. there was another mod that kept the orc woman in the Markarth prison from talking to you and opening the cell.



On a sidenote, I wouldn't even know if I have the bug or not because I stopped doing the main quest in all my throughs all together because the dragons just became annoying after a while when I wanted to explore the world and sort of "make my own story/adventure" without having to save the world and all that.

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