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Need help with a model I ripped from Ninjaripper

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Hope this is the right forum to post this on, I recently ripped a model from TFS FOC and got the meshes and textures but I am struggling with modeling them and converting them to NFS files for Skyrim. 


Would someone be willing to help me please?


I will let whoever helps me use the mod and take credit for modelling and converting.


Thanks all.

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On 3/9/2018 at 1:37 AM, oldrayzor said:

So you have nif files from " TFS FOC " (don't know what that is but okay). What are you using to model them with? Can you post pictures of the model and explain what you wish to do with it?

TFC FOC - Transformers Fall Of Cybertron. I have extracted Slug and Snarl (Dinobots). Got the meshes and textures. I just want them modeled and converted to NIF for use in Skyrim. 


I have seen someone do this with the turtles from Out of the Shadows so I am attempting to get these two dinobots as tests for Skyrim. I will send you the textures and meshes if you want but they are NIF files just yet. I think they need to be 3d modeled before I can convert them to NIF.

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18 hours ago, oldrayzor said:

Regrettably I simply don't have the time to make it for you. If you are working in a modeling app (3dmax, Blender, etc) and wish to import/export I can provide some pointers. What format are the meshes and textures you currently have?

That is ok, they are currently RIP and DDS files. I want to get them ready for conversion via the creation kit but just need help with modelling them. I currently have 3ds max installed.

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