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Is This ENB Working Right?

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It's that dark and the contrast is that crushed to fuck, and so will be any other enb based on Grim/Somber/Bleak or any other enb where the person whom developed has a monitor where "black" is this color on an actual calibrated monitor: 







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It looks like it's working.  It also says in the requirements for Antique Dragon ENB that you need Enhanced Lights and FX and Vivid Weathers, so make sure you have those two mods also.  Most ENB's can be toggled on and off with Shift+F12, use this to see a clearer difference.

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Looks like yes. I guess at least.
If you computer does not struggle, just add grass/trees mods to make it look more astonishing like authors screenshots.

ENB wise, a big difference always comes from your installed weather and lightning mods. That is why when you install an ENB, it might look very different to your result.

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