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CTD during the 2nd sex animation stage Every Time

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My Skyrim has a issue around Sexlab (or sexlab-related mod, not sure):

When my character having sex with NPC (whatever male or female), the game crashes at the 2nd sex body position every time, no surprise. Yes, whenever the 2nd animation stage is begin, the game says bye-bye.

I tried many times, it may not associated with animation types, and I'm sure those two guys always had a very good start on OOXX at 1st stage, never meet the 2nd stage. I think that changing animation cause CTD, but I'v no idea to fix it.   (T^T)


Please help, thanks!


PS: I re-installed SexLab framework, ZAZ, SexAroused, XPMSE32, SOS, and I runned FNIS, LOOT, BodySlide, no lucky so far. In one word, I tried everything that I know. What indeed did I missing?

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10 hours ago, Higurashika said:

What about other mods? U know that npc can use different animations for different stages? So mb u just havent proper animation pack? Or mb its just mods conflict. 


And what about Animation Loader? U should register animations in SLAL before u can use them.

Thanks! I checked SLAL, found the CTD is triggered by AnimationsByLeito. I don't know how the conflict happened (I think the animation pack itself is OK) but it worked when I disabled all those Leito's anims.

Still no idea about the real cause, he he.

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