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Copy paste of LL animation thread post.


Have a look at this example: Every NPCs present in the room will be involved randomly. Of course this can be adapted into spells, not so random scripts etc.





This is a stress example of the engine, you can even bring your companions and it'll work with them too.

Here's how it works for now:


* Actors will be called randomly, for now top or bottom or middle doesn't matter except for males. Males will be rejected as bottoms or middles (only because I didn't filter anal vs vag animations but that's easily done).


* They will be assigned an animation (for now, completely randomly). Their body types will be checked and the animation will be discarded if, for example, the top body can't have tits too big due to clipping issue. If the filter rejects the animation, another one will be chosen.


* Until a correct assignment is given, nothing else will happen (so it could take a tenth to half a second for slow machines and crowded place).


* Following the animation chosen, actors will be assigned a particular place (now I only have 4 types, floor, against the wall, bending over or on a stool).


* Hand will be released and another animation can start while actors goes on and others are assigned another one (or the same).


* Each animation has 3 stages, some have only one. Actors can be male, futa or female. Based on CLS lore, female can experienced pleasure through the strapon so BJ animations for females are not rejected but it could be easily done.


* CLS deals with 6 penises/SO, normal, 45° bend and 90° bend. Big or small. Each of them is adapted to the 17 female bodies. Various males body types could be used too very easily as there's nothing to adapt.


* When the animations will stop, actors have a cool off period during which they will resume their AI packages and can't be called for a while.


* The example here is extreme, it's a stress test for the engine so it looks chaotic but the animations assignment works.


* You can ask any actor to change body type but clothes will be a problem as I don't have 17 times all the clothes...


You need 4 markers for each "animation" you want, it's a limitation but I guess we can use special objects the player can place as markers and a spell that will call one animation instance.


This is where we are. Now dealing with the player is another thing, especially in first person view. My solution was to create a clone and hide the player with free camera...

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You know, you can force an animation to play using the playidle command of obse 20. Would that help with player animations? Also, the tfc (toggle flying camera) command is very useful for getting a good view of your char during sex.

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Playidle may help, the problem with the player is not the point of view. It's the equipped gear and the numerous scripts that forces equipment items. Although I fixed my library of functions from a violent CTD due to bow equipping, I may try to see what it does to the player now....

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