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  1. As the title suggested. Meaning, before you ask anything: keep in mind modders can't really do that much now. Tools to mod haven't been released so most posts will be ideas and general discussions about future projects.
  2. What's wrong with you? I'll add that now. I'm impatient to try the tool whenever it'll come out.
  3. This guy is a REAL fan and I mean it... Sorry if that was posted already ! http://imgur.com/gallery/bJ4rD/new
  4. Look at that, clean shiny thread where everyone is friendly... What I mean is I tried to edit this thing to remove Drama. If you can help, help. If you can't, but are interested in the answer, go on. If you have nothing useful to say or disagree, find another thread. If someone break the rules (and only in this case), report to us.
  5. Wow, this thread was not updated for a long time ! Sorry about that. I updated the links, it should work now. I'll reinstall Oblivion and finish the Ultimate Edition ASAP... Chers !
  6. There. Cleany clean thread. Kids: Behave ! This is a forum filled with LOVE !
  7. I found two packages, one starts at 6 the other one at 21. Both lasst one hour.
  8. Can't really remember it has been a while. Let me check.
  9. The easter eggs from latest version are still working, it's just some "tricks" in the code. Is that what you were asking? Cheers!
  10. No, Enter made the Nexus one SFW now. Now if you played when it was released, it's the same. So in other words, it's the complete mod before it was changed to be non-adult (in order to fit in the new mods Enter released for Skyrim).
  11. ROFL!!! Nooooo I spent hours cleaning it aaaarg... Main thread, main... Jee! Raaa * forgotten... Ok well I spent 4 hours learning Dutch and I'm French speaking. See got an excuse.
  12. Thread cleaned from debate. I should have PMed you if I hid one f your post. If not, contact me, I may have forget your name, sorry. Back to the mean thread people!
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