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It'll probably be awhile before stuff like that comes around because you first have to have someone that likes that and are able to mod to make something like that you could also do some research on what to do and do it and be the first to make a mod. I know other beth games have some stuff that were converted for the other gender to wear.

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I haven't seen one.  I did find a post here from about a year ago about Crimsomrider's 1950's outfits.  At the time, Crimsomrider wasn't interested in making the conversion, but offered the permission for someone else to do it.  I don't think anyone has released a mod like that though, considering the amount of work that would be needed to do it right.  That goes for all of the outfits.  It's not necessarily a simple procedure to go from female to male - as the male body mesh is far bigger than the female, in almost all areas.  (Male to Female, on the other hand, is much more straightforward).


I haven't produced any large set female to male conversions yet, but I've messed around with it enough to know it's not a fast/easy thing.


If you have Bodyslide/Outfit Studio and FO4Edit or CK you have all the tools you would need though.  Depending on if you wanted them to be straight replacers or not, you may not even need FO4Edit/CK.


If it's just replacers.... you'd have to:


1. Open up the female version of the outift in OS

2. Load up the male body as a reference

3. Delete the included female body

4. Adjust/fix/resize everything to fit the body  <---- this is the troublesome step.

5. Export as the original nif file/location name, etc.


Should straight replace the male version in game.


#4 above will take the most time - and will likely produce mixed results, depending on the original clothing piece.  Reason is: you will be expanding the space between vertices that was never intended to be there.  When stretching them out like that, they can produce flat spots in some areas and jagged edges in others.  I wasn't able to get a result I was happy with them I messed around with it, and ultimately abandoned the meshes I was testing around with..


"doing it right" would involve editing the meshes themselves to increase the poly count on the clothing piece - to reduce the distortions which will be apparent after stretching them to fit the larger body.  Alternatively, you could scale the piece larger using OS first, so that it is too big, then reduce the meshes using the brushes.... again - I had mixed results with this approach though.

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