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Sims 3 KinkyWorld Help!!


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Okay, Ik This Is Outdated But I Seriously Need Help. I Have All My Files (Mod Itself, Animations, All That) But When I Go To Enter The Registration Name In Game It Comes Up With A Message Telling Me It Was Not Found. I've Literally Tried Every Single Way I Could Think Of And It Will Not Work. Its So Frustrating!!! Everyone Else Gets To Enjoy It And I Cant!!!!! Someone Please Help )':

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Check if you have Resource.cfg file in Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Resource.cfg

make sure it's configured according to guides.


Try not type, just copy and paste animation names to the game (ctrl+v)




Also, some of them are ON by default and you do not need to register...


And one more thing, delete *Cache.package file from "Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3", they could cause this issue, you should always delete them if you have installed/removed additional packages/mods.

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9 hours ago, maraas said:

Do other mods work for you or is it just the animations not being registered?


Yes, Everything Else Runs Perfectly. I Just Cant Get The Animations Registered ): None Of Them Are Pre-Registered And The Names I Type In Dont Work )':

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please make sure that you have both the okw and the kw version of the animations in your packagefolder. One is the animationclip, the other the xml. You need both. Do you have any nraas mods (woohoo or passion) running along with kw? Or maybe any other mods that might interfere? Just to be safe, try putting the KW-mod in your overrides folder, delete cache and start again. See if that helps

Also make sure that you don`t have both the aw and the kw version of the animations installed, as that might cause issues.


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I have these packages in my mods/package/animation-folder:

  • KinkyWorldMasteranimations.package
  • KW_L666_Animations.package
  • KW_L666_Kinky_Animations.package
  • KW_L666_RapeBdsm_Animations.package
  • KW_Amra72_Animations.package
  • KW_Masteranimations.package
  • KW_mike24_classics.package
  • KW_mike24_lesbians.package
  • KW_mike24_pets.package
  • KW_K69_Animations.package
  • KW_MaryJane_Animations.package
  • OKW_L666_Animations.package
  • OKW_L666_Kinky_Animations.package
  • OKW_L666_RapeBdsm_Animations.package
  • OKW_Amra72_Animations.package
  • OKW_mike24_classics.package
  • OKW_mike24_lesbians.package
  • OKW_mike24_pets.package
  • OKW_K69_Animations.package
  • OKW_MaryJane_Animations.package

Animations needs to be registered with KW ingame. When you start your game you might have to wait a bit before you get a KW-message. Click your sim and find

KinkyWorld>Settings>Woohoo>Packages, or something like that.You need to register every animationpack one by one by typing them in, and then wait for it to be registered:

  • KinkyWorldMasteranimations
  • KW_L666_Animations
  • KW_L666_Kinky_Animations
  • KW_L666_RapeBdsm_Animations
  • KW_Amra72_Animations
  • KW_mike24_classics
  • KW_mike24_lesbians
  • KW_mike24_pets
  • KW_K69_Animations
  • KW_MaryJane_Animations
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20 hours ago, lnheritor said:

Thank You Very Much For This!!! Really Appreciate Your Help. Did You Download All This Off 1 Page Or Was It Multiple Places? Bcuz I Want Every Single One You Have lol


You can find the animations on the downloads for sims 3 on here. The ones listed should all be available there. 

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On 2/12/2018 at 2:29 AM, madone22 said:

You can find the animations on the downloads for sims 3 on here. The ones listed should all be available there. 

I Just Wanna Thank You Guys, Because Of You I Was Able To Get This working And Get The Animations. I Appreciate You Guys For The Help!!! TY


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