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  1. This happens in mine as well. So I made my sim artistic and with no stereo or TV in his house I set up a bunch of easels and gave him a guitar..so while waiting for his escort calls to come in he auto paints and skills up on his guitar. It's not a good solution but one I found more pleasant than him constantly getting fat from eating all day. Since he is athletic even with the no autonomous workouts loaded he will just work out whenever. I have tried returner to modify auto settings on just about everything sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I used Story Progression to knock out some traits that drive me nuts when Sim do things pertaining to those traits but also set up traits that new generated Sims auto get when generated. That has helped once you get some of these settings fine tuned and export them to make reloading or starting a new game smoother it helps...not a solution but just a couple of suggestions
  2. In KW Settings changing the below should help. So click on Notifications. If you still want to see what's going on change to Story but that should get rid of the ones you don't want. Notifications may appear in the upper right corner to inform you about what's happening in town. Default: Interactions feedback, dialogs and system messages may appear. Debug: Same as default, plus debug messages appear too (may be usefull is you suspect something is not working right). Log: Even more verbose than Debug setting. None: No notification message will appear. Story: Only important messages and dialogs will appear (no interaction feedback). You might find the http://onikikay-kinkyworld.wikia.com page helpful for what the settings can do.
  3. Inside of the S3PE file for the new dildo yes. Following the same path to gt to that. So open the new dildo package > then the OBJK > Grid once the grid opens go to the Component Data > [1] Component Data and paste that string in. Click Commit then save the package, add to the mod folder, clear cashes, and load game
  4. Open the Oniki Dildo Package with S3PE. Click on the tag that says OBJK > down below click grid. Once the grid opens click on Component Data > [1] Component Data > in the Data field you will see Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.OnikiStuff.Dildo. Copy this then open the package of the other dildos you have follow the above paths and in that data field paste the Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.OnikiStuff.Dildo > Click commit > Save changes to the new dildo package. Save into your mods folder and clear cashes and restart your game. You should find them in the buy category. You can also just copy this Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.OnikiStuff.Dildo and paste it in but I figured I would write the steps out in case you want to do more with other things. I should mention it is the deadpool and the loveyourself versions of dildos she has that I did this with. I haven't tested the others yet.
  5. VenusPrincess has some she created that are recolurable and have different patterns. I just applied the script from Oniki's and they are the same size so they work perfectly.
  6. Awesome!!! Yeah I was getting a little sick of them just smoking non stop! Another recommendation if you haven't tried it is the Box of Seeds for storage. Since that can hold up to I think 100 things it makes a nice little joint holder. I think it's on MTS.
  7. First your animations are great and I love that they have accessories to go with them that have actions! I'm so happy to see these. For the dancing question I believe I found also a hidden dancing that you set to max as well. I find all dancing and set them to max skills and then they are able to dance on the pole or practice. @Solariisong just an FYI after you get the max skills clicking on the bottom option will allow for tips while just practicing will not get you tips.
  8. Open the Oniki Cannabis file with S3PE > Sort the tags and find the OBJD for the Joint > it should be 0x5476A2A47659ED46 > Click grid > Once the grid comes I up I do a few things Under common block > BuildbuyProductStatus flags I set Show in Catalog (making it buyable) > I set a price (only if you want to make buyable) Also, Under room category flags I set it to Study and then I give it a function category flag as entertainment and function sub category flag entertainment hobbies and skills Under Object Type Flags I set LiveDraggingEnabled to True (default false) then under Movement Flags I change hand tool Cannot Move it from True to False and Hand Tool Cannot Delete it from True to False (these are the settings that will let you delete it) Once you have made all your changes click commit and save. Make sure you clear your scripts and it should show up. I'm not sure if I missed anything but you could open another file of an object that is buyable and can be deleted and check the flags set to get them to work. So I use the Savvieer Seller Mod buy setting it to buyable and making it live dragging enabled I can set up a little Pot Stand and it makes some money. I do this for most of the objects that come with KW. Hope this helps you!
  9. Hi, On here look for MaryJane's Animations, She has some whipping with the bondage frame and recently added some with handcuff accessories. Go to the download section for Sims 3 or just search for MaryJane you should find them.
  10. madone22

    I need help

    Lets start with the Basics after installing and loading the game did you click on your Sim and click Kinky World > Enable? Once enabled you will have to add the Animation Package Names. Each Animator will have a string of text listed with the animations that you will need to enter KW will then load the animations. This is a little outdated but gives you the good basics to get started. http://onikikay-kinkyworld.wikia.com/wiki/Installation_and_requirements
  11. madone22

    Zipped Thong One Piece for YA/A females

    This is great! I have been looking for more swimsuits
  12. madone22

    Call Girl Problem

    Inside of Kinky Settings is a Gender Preference setting. If you go and adjust that setting it should help. Also setting your own sim if using Master Controller Gender preference to be 50/50 for males and females so basically making not prefer one over the other works. Quit the call girl, change your preference settings, enroll back into the call girl job and see if it made a difference. Also I believe you can go to the Master Controller on the town hall and update the whole towns gender population but I believe if you do it from Kinky Settings it does the same thing.
  13. madone22

    Seeking Pantyhoses

    http://xxxkinkywiqxxx.blogspot.com.es/2012/04/my-soft-spot-lingerie-set-iv.html This is a good set the only thing is you would have to change them to an accessory they are currently a bottom. Also Josh Q has some good stuff on this forum.
  14. madone22

    Sims 3 KinkyWorld Help!!

    You can find the animations on the downloads for sims 3 on here. The ones listed should all be available there.