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  1. maksym.dickson

    Ambisions with Seasons

    Abductions by Aliens related to Seasons EP.
  2. maksym.dickson

    Small 30x30 KW High School

    Also sims3pack could be unpacked using Sims3Pack Multi Installer tool and you could then place package file into Library folder (not in Mods, because it's a lot package) - \Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Library. Sims 3 launcher does the same, but in addition, it creates redundant backups and other garbage.
  3. School's Principal apparently can, I saw once, he was "punishing" one of student for practicing exhibitionism (she thought it's ok to eat naked in the dining room, and principal came and saw her, told it's not appropriate, then they went to his office to punish her). I see once in a while, Sims 4 player comes in this thread and posts the same thing. They can't understand that Sims 4 is not suitable for complicated adult mod for the game with full open world, which is Sims 3 (even though Sims 3 has many flaws and poor design). Why do you think there are no NRaas mods for TS4? For that exactly reason.
  4. maksym.dickson

    KinkyWorld XML files are accumulating

    You can use super script that I wrote to clear all temp files in "Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3". Put it in that folder and double click it. clear_temp_files.cmd del *Cache.package *.xml *.log *.mdmp *.txt use with caution, I'm not responsible for any damage it could cause to your PC.
  5. maksym.dickson

    Kinky World Animation Registration List

    Just check L666 topic here on the last page you'll find the link.
  6. maksym.dickson

    Gender Preferences in KW and Story Progression

    I believe Nraas and KW mods are altering percentage of gender preferences in core Sims 3 mechanic , i.e. they do not use its own mechanic. So you can use mod whatever you like and they may also conflict with each other if settings are different. So best to set the same percentage in SP and KW.
  7. I just checked, both "female strapon" and "dildo accessory male shorts", they are not flagged ValidForRandom, but when I was trying to remove it from inactive Sims during gameplay, I think I've seen this flag (now thinking maybe I just misread it with ValidForMaternity), and I was sure that's why they are wearing them, or KinkyWorld doing it with some purpose? Also "dildo accessory male shorts", they look like shorts on the thumbnail, but it's just dildo addition to existing shorts (or even to naked outfit). And I've seen in couple of times during gameplay, so blacklisted it from random in Dresser too. Source of instance ids 0x4E775FD04028F380 and 0x617DC9C518B3D7E3 is ONIKI_Strapon.package In Overwatch I don't have enabled cleanup outfits, so Sims shouldn't be destroyed because of it.
  8. You just need ONIKI_KinkyWorld_0.37 (Build 375).7z and 7zip. Also read very carefully this, this and this.
  9. Regarding outfit. I only use nraas Dresser with invalid part tuning file to prevent inactive Sims from wearing unsuitable clothes. Also I'm filtering Oniki's dildo accessory male shorts, and Oniki's female strapon. I don't like when inactive Sims walking with it, like it's normal clothes. I have no idea why Oniki made it with ValidForRandom flag. But could it cause some issue with KW, so Sims are destroyed...
  10. It's good mod, but, keep in mind, KW pregnancy system is not that simple, if female is not in her fertile period, and she has sperm after KW Woohoo, the chance still remains that she can become pregnant latter.
  11. With NRaas Tagger, you can enable Sim tags, Town Hall > Nraas > Tagger > Colorize > Sim Tags > "Color tags by relationship status" (enable Sim tags in Options should be true). Sims who is pregnant should have special color tag. I'm not sure if possible to view Pregnant sims list from MC demographics, i was able to get only count of them.
  12. maksym.dickson

    Sasha Grey 2.0

    The face looks really like her. Though I'm not a fan of cartoony-looking Sims 4 style. This is Sims 3 subsection...
  13. Possibly, your save still can be cured if you try to reset everything via MasterController from CityHall, things like NPC Parties will be reset too I think. I usually save my game every Sim day under different name, so i can go back when there are some bugs. Anyway, good luck with your new game and let us know how it goes I'm from time to time facing another strange bug that corrupts my save file, something kills/deletes random Sims-townies from the game, the worst thing is that it doesn't delete them completely, they still listed as household members for their household along with their relatives who is still alive (also Nraas Story progression still makes stories about them, even though Sims do not exist physically anymore, in family tree portrait is empty), due to this bug, I can't make that household active (when I do it, game doesn't display Sim portraits and I literally can't do anything, until I switch to another family). Also when it happens, I can no longer check Town population or use party filters by age or other criteria where that "half-life" Sims can be possibly listed, MasterController just crashes. And I've found this in KW logs regarding those Sims: KinkyMod.PostLoadFixup ### ERROR ### PostLoadFixup: Sim has been destroyed: Victoria Andrews ### WARNING ### Sim has no outfit map: Victoria Andrews ### WARNING ### Invalid SimDescription: Victoria Andrews ### DEBUG ### KWPhotograph.PostLoad: 0 photo(s) destroyed KinkyMod.PostLoadFixup: DONE // another example: KinkyMod.PostLoadFixup ### ERROR ### PostLoadFixup: Sim has been destroyed: Lisa Bunch ### WARNING ### Sim has no outfit map: Lisa Bunch ### WARNING ### Invalid SimDescription: Lisa Bunch ### ERROR ### PostLoadFixup: Sim has been destroyed: VJ Alvi ### WARNING ### Sim has no outfit map: VJ Alvi ### WARNING ### Invalid SimDescription: VJ Alvi ### ERROR ### PostLoadFixup: Sim has been destroyed: Tennille Emmons ### DEBUG ### KWPhotograph.PostLoad: 0 photo(s) destroyed KinkyMod.PostLoadFixup: DONE Any idea what is this? I'm curious, is KW mod destroying Sims or something else does it and KW just reports about that post-factum... Anyone else faced this problem? For now I was not able to find ways to recover Sims, I think it's not possible (also they can not be reset via MC or via cheat console, they can not be force killed via MC or via MC Total Annihilation, and they can not die due to old age), only way to prevent errors is to evict whole their household, make them homeless and purge homeless Sims from town via Overwatch, before doing it, other Sims who still alive could added manually back to the lot.
  14. Not using Awesomemod, using NRaas StoryProgression, found this on nraas: You can switch the aging for individual sims on and off using the "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Sim Options \ Death: Allow Aging" option. Maybe worth trying. I'm also using Buzzler's AgingManager mod, it allow to view and manage Sims age. Also it allows to suspend age for particular Sims, I tried it for some Sims, but looks like it doesn't work due to NRaas SP...
  15. maksym.dickson

    no nipple color

    "EA Skins With Adult Anatomic Details and Texturing" is far not that good as other ones for Sims 3 such as ESkin, Navetsea and others. Check [The Sims 3] COMPLETE ADULT GUIDE <-- XXX Previously I played Sims 3 with 50 different skins simultaneously, they all were amazing quality. Here is just a list of folders in my collection, each folder has bunch of skins from corresponding creator: 234Jiao AlbinoSkintone Anndolby_vampire cyberryeezus Emelline ESkin Estefania Freckles GECK.O KEM kurasoberina Lemonleaf Mamyrocker momo_Devon_Aoki_Skin Navetsea Neiuro Pralinesims Rosy_Skintone Simlychic Synesteshia Tifa_Skintone Xilmandr skins BTW, MasterController has a great feature to copy non-default skin from one Sim to another with a few clicks without CAS. Since I recently was cleaning my Mods/packages folder to reduce game lags I'm only using Eskin skinny skin for now as default skin.