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  1. Sims woohooing on streets.

    I don't know if this can be disabled somehow. But good idea for the Mod, by the way What if proper Sims will call police to arrest debauchery Sims? Like it's already done with rape in KinkyWorld. So if Sims have memory of arrest for public Woohoo, they will refuse to do it again, unless they are heavily drugged...
  2. Stuck in CAS again, goshdangittt

    Yes. CC 99% times could cause issues. Recently after I removed many small .packages (Different objects CC for Lots downloaded from www.thesimsresource.com) I noticed that game not lags that much and loads faster, before that I didn't know that this could cause such slowness. But I really wish there was a Mod for Sims 3 to allow it to run in 64-bit mode, so game can use up all PC power and memory, currently main reason why Sims 3 lags is very limited resources that game can use. Sims 4 probably doesn't suffer from this issue, but EA ruined the game. I hope those "bright mind" developers will not work on Sims 5 if it's ever done.
  3. no penis for several male sims

    For the penis to show up properly you need to have following packages in: \Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages\Body\cmar_Penis cmar_amBottomNudePenis_map2.package cmar_emBottomNudePenis_map2.package cmar_MorphingPenisScript_1.63v2.package cmar_MorphingPenisVisibleOnlyTuning.package cmar_penis_angle_slider.package cmar_penis_ballheight_slider.package cmar_penis_ballsize_slider.package cmar_penis_erection_slider.package cmar_penis_foreskin_slider.package cmar_penis_length_slider.package cmar_penis_thick_slider.package cmar_penis_tilt_slider.package cmar_penis_uncut_erection_slider.package cmar_tmBottomNudePenis_map2.package Regarding conflicts, you can remove mods that you think are conflicting and check. Don't forget to clear "\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\*Cache.package" files Maybe this is the reason why you have glitches. On every package update it is recommended to remove *Cache.package files, they will regenerate.
  4. I found a bug in KinkyWorld High School, Janitor can't enter girl's toilet room to clean it just stands and waving hand. Probably female janitor would not be able to enter boys room too. I'm using doors with woman/men sign on it to prevent wrong gender entering, but for janitors there should be an exception, right?
  5. Disabling Rewarding/Replacing of Traits

    KinKyWorld most likely doesn't have such option to configure, you can pledge on Oniki's Patreon and submit you request. For now you can do it manually with MasterController.
  6. How do i start my own modding?

    I'm not a modder, but I think can help you where to start Modding is quite diverse term. It depends on what kind of mods are you planning to create I suggest to start from here http://modthesims.info/wiki.php?title=Sims_3:Modding And get familiar this this tool, if you are planning to do animation mods https://sims3cliptool.wordpress.com/
  7. Not sure, but daughter might not be a lesbo. You can use MasterController to tweak Gender Preference.
  8. How To Send Kinky Selfies?

    I believe, you can go to camera > photos from inventory. then click on needed selfie photo and send it to any sim.
  9. Disabling Rewarding/Replacing of Traits

    You can modify traits manually using Master Controller with Cheats Module In game > nraas > MasterController > Sim > Traits > Change Or you can use Nraas SP to disallow/blacklist particular traits for all sims in town: Install Nrass SP, In game, click on City hall from map view, select nraas > Story progression Sim Options > Sim: Disallow Trait > Select "Woohooless" , press OK. If you are not familiar with this mod, read the FAQ http://nraas.wikispaces.com/StoryProgression+FAQ Also Career module for SP is not compatible with KikyWorld, so don't use it with KinkyWorld.
  10. HELP ME ! How to install mod

    It shouldn't ask for the key, if game was working before. I'd advise to buy Sims 3 in Steam. And I've sent you a PM with possible fix.

    Just buy Sim 3 in Steam. I don't advise Origin, because it will update game to 1.69 version and some old mods are incompatible with it.
  12. Install MoD The SIMS 3

    this could help you https://www.loverslab.com/topic/48066-sims3-guide-to-onikis-kinkyworld-okw/
  13. HELP ME ! How to install mod

    Have you created Resource.cfg ?
  14. New to modding

    If after re-installation your old .package files from "Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods" are lost, then, yes, you need to follows MTS guide to repeat everything. It you saved it somewhere, just put them back into Mods\Packages folder and make sure Resource.cfg exist and has proper format. That's it.
  15. How Do I Reenable Mods?

    Please, read http://modthesims.info/wiki.php?title=Game_Help:Installing_Sims_3_Package_Files/Setup_and_Files if you think, you've done everything correctly and it still doesn't work, reply and describe the problem as detailed as possible