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  1. BTW, Consort 's Grow mod supports any custom slider for height. You could define it in the tuning package that comes with the mod. Oh, I forgot to mention that it also supports Penis grow overtime and Head size correction for teens (different implementation that EA using looks like). Here are some strings from Tuning file where you could set Height slider to Cmar Height slider: <kCmarPenisModCompatibility value="true"> <!-- Set this to false if you have CmarNYC's Penis Mod installed and do not wish alterations to the penises of teen male Sims --> </kCmarPenisModCompatibility> <kHeigtSliderResKey value="0xF9E284139E1F88CF"> <!-- (ADVANCED) Height slider resource key. Change this to map the height control to a slider of your choice --> </kHeigtSliderResKey> I didn't even know that it's implemented somehow partially. If it's true then there could be weird situation when Height will be adjusted two times in the row and you might have Teens taller then Adults :) although it can be seen often in real life...
  2. Thanks, but, solution to have less teens in KW High school doesn't resolve problem, when they rush to their Homes at 15:00, it's not due to lags, it's coded inside KinkyWorld mode, unfortunately can't be adjusted. Prom night happens not everyday, anyway, I wish we had option to auto-adjust that settings on that Prom day and return back when it's normal day. Using tagger, no issues with KW mode. With Selector yes, there will be an issue. Hmm, I didn't know that it's in TODO list of this mod. However, please, keep in mind that animation with different Height Sims will look weird. Also you can make "growing teens" now, with "ConsortModGrow.package" by Consort, you can find it on MTS, however, only height and breasts will grow overtime, not other sliders like butt and different body shapes. If you wish other sliders to change overtime, look at Consort ProjectLandslide mod. You could define list of daily commands and use it with nraas Overwatch (alarm hour). Small Offtopic: I can't believe that amount of posts and threads on Loverslab is bigger in Sims 4 section than in Sims 3 section. Tried Sims 4 , it's sooo boooring, when you are not controling the whole town. And there is no mods that could compare to KinkyWorld, I don't like mods with just sex animation, it's boring for me, without social aspects system, that KW has.
  3. Hi, is it possible to extend or modify school hours? At 15:00 all students have GO_HOME moodlet, and they drastically rush to their homes. Then from 16:00 to 17:00 I receive many notifications about Sim skipping school. Probably end time for school day should be changed from 15:00 to 17:00 or 18:00. Is it possible to prevent assigning moodlet GO_HOME to Sims at 15:00? I tried Master controller, but it's only possible to blacklist traits, no option for moodlets/buffs.
  4. Sorry I didn't mention, that I face this problem with latest Patreon build. I remember I did not face ths problem with some previous builds and with public build.
  5. nraas Selector mod appears to be not compatible with KinkyWorld, when using it, there is no "KinkyWorld" menu on sims. Since I'm using many mods from nraas, I had to spend 2 hours to find this, removing mods and reloading the game. Could someone add this to "Issues with third party mods" in Wikia article? http://onikikay-kinkyworld.wikia.com/wiki/Installation_and_requirements I'm disappointed, good feature of Selector mod is "Switch Households On Right Click", any alternatives for this?
  6. Hi, thanks! They look awesome, need to try. Noob Question: If these underwear are not set specifically, will KinkyWorld use some other underware? Or this is requirement to register underware this way?
  7. MP's High School for OnikiKay's KW New School Added 4/2017

    Thanks for sharing High School, I'm trying to find best school for KinkyWorld. I was trying to build High School myself inspired by Anime "To Love Ru" but gave up. You can see the crap I've done on screenshots, can't make it playable, and I'm bad with design. If someone wishes to build "To Love Ru" like school for Sims 3, I could share bunch of screenshots captured from Anime and Manga pages, just let me know.