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Stardew Valley : Hot Furniture (Gay) (XNB)

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Stardew Valley : Hot Furniture (Gay) (XNB)

NOTE : Right now this is a XNB mod.  Dont download after 1.3 (Will try to do a content patcher version later)

To Install :
(Make a back up [optional] of the modyfied file)
-Drop "Content" folder on your StardewValley directory
(It replaces "furniture.xnb" on TileSheets folder)

This mod works with the current version of SDV as today 06/Feb/2018

Version 1.2.33   (based on the sdv wiki    https://stardewvalleywiki.com/Version_History)




Hot Furniture!  


Again your famer found more devious ways to decorate the farm, glory holes there, chained dudes there...  So much madness! ❤️


This is a reskin for almost all the paintings and some bookshelves.

And some museum rewards.


Most of those items can be purchased from Robin and i think some of them can be found in the Traveling Merchant inventory


Some rewards from a special currency type 

(Spoilers*)  Location :


In the desert casino

Gain/Buy Coins, then redeem them in the far right area



As a future note..  

If the game gets an update and the mod no longe show, its because that file was replaced with a new one, probably with updated grpachis or more items. 

In that case, dont re-install the mod.. it will need a fix, or you may have invisible objects in most cases.

(And yes, a New StardewValley update is on the works)




Have fun with the mod! 

And i´ll love to see some screenshots of your newly decorated farm! 






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