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Wanted: Rome or Greek world


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I've had this idea bouncing around in my head ever since I started using Kinkyworld.


Ancient Rome or Greece as a playable world. I have the sims medieval, but it's not the same as a fully realized sims 3 world. Started using some custom worlds lately, such as Los Aniegos and Setra. These are both fun but remain tied to the modern era.


CC for this wouldn't be too difficult, IE: Togas, 3 or 4 homes(Villa - Shack) added to the lots as well as Colliseum(sports/Gladiator job), Military camp, Forum(Political career), Ampitheater(acting), etc.


The rub as I see it isn't the player refraining from using things tied to modern day as much as the game scripts forcing use of certain items or outfits as the game is played or progresses. People are ingenious in my experience and having a lot of 'built-in' CC like the toga from University, Egyptian location music, etc. gives me reason to think this could always be a possibilty. Slave outfits on all service sims, using a military(armor) outfit for Prefects(police) are other examples.


Since the concept revolves around a decadent ancient society, simple day to day life with few jobs, and lot's of orgies is the end result. Between using Nraas heavily to control/deny certain actions, and Kinkyworld to keep it interesting, I can see this a reality.


Having most EP's would be necessary though - Sculpting, raising horses for profit, and other things to add to the feeling of living in this time would be a must, since a lot of modern jobs would need to be ignored/removed to keep with the theme. But then again I remind myself, people are ingenious and things I won't think of are already a reality in their minds.


Anyways, thanks for reading. If this made you stop and 'dream' a little, then this post wasn't in vain.

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Thank you JoshQ


It first I was concerned since I use all disks, no origin, and made sure my game has no connection to the internet. Lucky me found a free download, with fixes already made.


I'll open it up and see what it's like. With a little work, I may be on my way to the experience I was looking for.


This is the link I used if anyone else is interested, or may have some knowledge to why I might want/not want to use this.



Edit 2/6: So far so good - Going thru all Monte Vista homes and removing electrical items within reason (candelabra types left in - quite a few), Adding Chess and Domino tables, Chin up bars for workout equipment/massage tables. Replaced computers with the 'scratchpad'. Removed all vehicles and replaced with chariots (kids have to run/walk everywhere). Togas for men and women - Armor for military/police/'gladiators'(sports). Adjusting jobs as well for all residents. Added Knossos paintings to homes as well. Quite the project. Will post some pics when enough is done to warrant it.

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