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Sooooo some modded armor makes my butt massive

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That can have any number of reasons since you have ot given us much to wok with.


Does the mod support BodySlide? Does it even support weights?


What mod is it? How are we supposed to know if we have the same problem if you don't tellus what mod this is about?

"Said Blade and Soul or some other mod", you didn't even mention a BnS mod before.

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1 hour ago, Rignar said:

pics of before and after would help


The mod was was from sunkenhawk i believe, cbbe version of blade and soul set; i think it was russian or soemthing. i inserted it into game and dont know if it supports body slider, but if that is the case, that makes sense i guess

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2 hours ago, Frankfranky said:

The armor is shaped to a different body shape to your character. The shape of your character's body underneath is completely irrelevant. You need bodyslide files for the armor, or you need to make them yourself, and you need to rebuild the armor to the shape you want.

Thank you for explanation. Well that's out window for me lol

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