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  1. As a note; only the Gynobots file has the correct species_classes file, the others have the vanilla game file so they won't work. I am pretty sure that is the problem.
  2. What is the question? Are you just trying to stir up a shitstorm or what is your point?
  3. All the conversions I made I put into my google online drive thingy. The link isthe one in the signature. I guess I really should change it to something more obvious.
  4. I got the same issue, haven't figured out a fix yet. EDIT: problem persists even in a new game. EDIT2: I am not 100% certain what exactly was the problem but after I made sure "The one patch to bang them all" overwrites everything it worked.
  5. We have not "seen it all before". It's just that you consume the same media every day. For me every Pop-Music singer sounds the same. Havana and Senorita for example sounds like the exact same person to me (me thinking that they are two different singers who just sound alike more confirms my statement than disprove it). Then there is the current lack of new ideas in Hollywood, all they to is sequels, prequels, reboots and remakes. Also we are the first generation to grow up with the internet #neuland and the internet gives us a really long memory. How many people would know abou
  6. I can't see why not. There are just two points to work out: 1.You have to forget that most of the women are most likely G.I.R.L.s. 2.You have to find a proper way of sexing other players.
  7. It's not the website it's your anti-virus/anti-malware program giving you false positives. The addbanners contain porn, that is often enough to set them off. Maybe those adds sometimes even actually link to malware, I wouldn't know.
  8. You can run the animation in every speed, there even is a mod that let's you do that ingame and another mod that automatically adjusts the speed to the npc arousal or something. I imagine the problem the animator ran into is the timer for the stages. Let's say the animation at normal speed is 5 seconds long but the standart timer for the first stage is 10 seconds. In that case the girl gets grabbed two times and the animation is not set up to cycle so it looks awful.
  9. People obviously don't want everything at once. For most people there are only 2 real genders and if they wanted to change their perspective they would just pick a different character. Also most games don't give you that opportunity. One advantage of playing a female character as a straight male is that you can choose from all hetero and homo romance options without distancing yourself from your character.
  10. He doesn't want slow animations, he has them and asks why. I don't quite understand the question either. The animations can have different speeds. How do you think the stages get more frantic? BTW: I am pretty sure this should not be in Non Adult Mods since it's obviously about adult animations.
  11. I would have told you to use Outfit Studio aswell. It prolly is possible with NifScope but it's way way easier with OS. My approach would have been to load your outfit, remove the old basebody, load the HDT reference, copy bone weights and then safe with ref.
  12. Please elaborate a bit more. What exactly are you trying to do? Do you want to add physics to a solid body? Bounce to a body with no bounce?
  13. Did you download a lot of files? There is or was a limit of daylie downloads. The error message was more understandable back then though.
  14. I can put forward two reasons for me playinf a female character: 1. I would much ratehr stare at a womens butt for hours than a mens. 2. I like tough but womenly women. PS: Third reason might be that I hate my manly upbringing and the only way I can break through that is by playing a female character. When I tried that on DA:O Alistair was thoughtful and sweet for a female PC but the same conversation as a male warden he pissed me off beyond believe with his constant whining. I can however play a male character that I don't create, those are usually charact
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