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  1. Heya, thank you for the kind words i have ditched this version about a year ago, but the hair I still use, it's a combination of two hairs I did from KS hairs, chain reaction I think is the main part of it, I forget other hair. Eyes I believe were elegant eyes or mikan eyes for skin ummmmm I really forget cuz it's been a while but currently I use skysight skin. His current version looks like this And currently. I'm working to redo him again. This version uses charmers of the reach since it's more high poly than the old one.
  2. yup, i mean i post my males here, but i agree, would be nice to see all characters here
  3. thank you! Headport from kingdomhearts 3 made into custom race; everything else was just screenarchery.
  4. He looks badass. Great male character which is rare. Can I ask that outfit looks sick.
  5. So I found this mod, but all the links are dead; and I couldn't find one under search in LoversLab.....so i'm asking now xD Thanks in advanced! https://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-514.html
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