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Why are my clothes falling off?

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So, I'm doing that 'rebuilding my skyrim game' thing that I'm sure everyone is fairly familiar with.


I've found a few bugs I would like to fix, some more pressing than others.


One of the pressing ones is my armour falling off in combat!


Now, I've seen this before and I'm fairly certain it's a function of one of the LL traps & interesting events kind of mods - that it has the functionality  where your clothes randomly fall off and you lose them in the confusion of battle. And have no armor and..it's inconvenient.


But I can't remember which mod. And my forum search skills have failed me.

I don't suppose anyone happens to know which mod it is do they?


Mod list attached incase it jogs people's memories, but it is quite long.


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4 minutes ago, valcon767 said:

something else to be aware of (if you really hate the "undressing in combat for any reason") is that Cursed Loot (while it will not do so most of the time)

does have an item that can also cause this (Striptease Collar - which uses 3 Head Restraint Keys to remove).


Cursed loot I am very familiar with. It's the keystone of my build, and i'm a big fan.


It's quite good at derailing gameplay entirely tho so it does need a lot of taming. Things like setting the frequency of all of the 'oh shit' items right down...but not off. Where would the fun in that be? ;)

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