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How to Embed Youtube Videos in Posts?


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Has any answer to "how do we embed videos into forum posts with the new forum system" been posted anywhere? I have found multiple posts asking the same question, many speculative replies from people who don't know the answer but were just helpfully suggesting random stuff to try, but no definitive responses from anyone who knows the answer. I suspect it is possible because at least one of my old posts (October, 2015) is still displaying the video I embedded in it using the old system, but when I pressed Edit to view the new BB Code that enabled it, I saw only the video itself and not the BB-Code. Then, when I selected "view source" in my browser, I saw only the html as generated/parsed by the old BB Code but not the actual BB code. This is undoubtedly because that old post was migrated across in html format, completely bypassing any and all user-entered BB Code and showing only the resulting html code. I have not seen any embedded videos at all in posts that were generated in the new system.


Can someone with knowledge on how to embed videos in the new system please respond? If it's not possible, please just say so and those of us trying to do it can get on with our lives :classic_rolleyes: instead of wasting any more time trying to figure this out. Thanks.

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