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  1. If you talk to her, she tells you she's Belethor's sister. At least that's how I remember it. I had a mod for a while that added a line of dialog to Belethor's interactions- "One sister for sale right here" or something very similar.
  2. The most basic way to start a sex scene is with Matchmaker, which gives you two spells- one for a targeted NPC and one for yourself. There are dozens of mods here on LL that also can initiate sex scenes, but Matchmaker is the most straightforward and serves as a great test of your installation.
  3. I've been using Nusbie's Voices for ages in SSE<= 1.5.97 and it's perfect. You have it flagged with a question mark. The version I have comes in 2 7z archives and the contents seem to be dated 2014 and 2015, so they were no doubt intended for Oldrim. However, they contain only scripts, sound files and an esp plugin, none of which require any conversion for SSE. I may or may not have updated the plugin to Form Type 44, but who cares? It Just Worksโ„ข. Of course now with the weekly AE game-breakers from Bethrosoft, who knows what works any more? Thankfully, I was among the players who knew this was coming (because I can read ) and hence have a full backup AND am blocking SSE updates (by renaming the asc Manifest file, tricking Steam into thinking SSE is not installed) and so I'm just chugging happily along, enjoying SSE as always and trying to help those who somehow managed not to get the word until too late.
  4. @Varithina: the image link in your signature points to "steamsignature-dot-com" and is blocked as a malicious website by both my browser (Firefox) and my Antimalware suite (Emsisoft Internet Security.) So you might want to consider uploading your image to a non-threatening image host.
  5. That scared me too. There is no additional update. Still just the one from Monday. The OP probably just now noticed Monday's update. Yay! Just as info, I think it is less likely that Steam will regenerate or use the acf file if you rename it something that changes the file extension. For example, I renamed mine from appmanifest_489830.acf to appmanifest_489830.acf.ThanksButNoThanksTodd and it seems to be working. Plus the name itself gives me a kind of middle-finger-to-Bethrosoft warm fuzzy every time I see it.
  6. I have never played a vampire (in the entire 10 years I have been playing Skyrim) due to the horribly ugly, nasty, filthy, vermin-like chracterization of vampire lords in the game. So I totally agree with you that a complete overhaul is needed. Here is what I think vampires should look like: So I agree with the OP that the linked mod is a HUGE step in the right direction, but still a bit too bloody and gnarly for my taste.
  7. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ Why do I have this niggling feeling that I've just been obliquely referred to... Bien jouรฉ, Monsieur, bien jouรฉ. ๐Ÿคฃ
  8. I see what you did there... ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’‹
  9. Yay! Anythng that makes it easier to overcome Bethrosoft's blatant assault on free modding is a big plus in my book.
  10. OMG. How can Bethrosoft suppress their collective consciences to the point that they imagine doing this is OK? Fortunately, my update-blocking measures are still holding, but still...
  11. Point taken- sorry, I didn't know since it takes a lot more than just that one file to run the game. I'll go find my post and delete it if it's still visible.
  12. Personally, I prefer to do my own esl-ifying. Now that Vortex has the "Could be light" flags right in the Plugins tab (no need for SSEEdit to find out) and even better, a button to click to actually change an eligible ESP to an ESPFE on the spot without ever leaving the Vortex Plugins tab (no need for SSEEdit to actually set the ESL flag), users can quickly and easily manage which plugins get esl-ified, and when they get flagged, and even revert (undo) the eslification (right on the Vortex Plugins tab) if problems arise. So I guess I'm saying that a page listing ESL-plugin mods might not be of much use to Vortex users- if it can be light, we can quickly and easily make it light.
  13. It's there- you just have to scroll down to see it on some installations with none of the garbage options blocked/removed.
  14. Why would they replace it after it has been incorporated into SKSE? Don't understand.
  15. Yes, but the issue wasn't Form Type 44 in LL- it was Form Type 44 in Skyrim LE. I have read allegations that it doesn't work. I do not have a usable Oldrim installation with which to check it, though.
  16. Thank you, Ashal, and I take back everything I said about you dumping me. ๐Ÿ˜
  17. Stupid Google "Cloud" that limits number of downloads Here ya go: SexLabAroused Redux V28b SSE Modified by BakaFactory.7z
  18. This was my exact question as well when I read @OsmelMC's post. The problem is that many, many players can't move to AE yet because there are a host of other mods beside SexLab that need to be updated before we can do so. So we are blocking SSE updates and happily playing 1.5.97 with SKSE64 2.00.17 with no issues to speak of. Also, some of us haven't even updated to SL Beta 9 yet, waiting for some of the reported issues to be addressed- I definitely don't want a SexLab that crashes after every animation when it reverts to 3P camera, nor one that shows no expressions... both of these issues have been, and continue to be, posted almost daily about SL Beta 9 by different players. Hearing now that the only "fixed Beta 9" available (latest Github version) has been switched to AE (the rug has been pulled out from under us if I have correctly interpreted OsmelMC's statement) is kind of a shock, and means that I may be playing my "Beta 8.5" build (Github April 26, 2021) for the foreseeable future. EDIT to add: Thanks, @Ashal, for the new Sexlab SE v 1.63! It contains, if I'm reading everything correctly, all of the new AE version 1.64's bugfixes but still compatible with SE and none of the non-SE functions (something about a timer). This is exactly what we Luddites needed. ๐Ÿ’‹
  19. I did notice that on the patch notes "Fixed issue causing error such as: "appmanifest_570.acf / Disk write error" - and thought well that's a pile of shit with them changing "my" file file privileges. on my PC without my consent. So for a test, backed up my Fallout 3 install, (which hasn't been updated since the change), and did the update. It didn't change the privileges on my set up, and when I tried the Fallout3 update it failed - which is what I wanted. I'm on Windows 7, so maybe other versions reacting differently. Anyway backup everything you want is always the best policy - and then backup it up somewhere else for safety. I had renamed my SSE Manifest from appmanifest_489830.acf to appmanifest_489830.acf.hidden.2021116 a few days ago. Steam updated an hour ago when I booted up my machine- it's set to run on Login to make sure I don't forget to start it before launching with skse64_loader.exe. It did NOT create a new appmanifest file, and SSE is still greyed out in my Steam Library, meaning Steam still "thinks" it's not installed. I'm on Windows 10, so Steam's failure to re-create the file on Update is not limited to Windows 7 users. That said, I realize that you guys are talking about leaving the appmanifest file in place and simply changing it to "Read Only" whereas I chose a more thorough option, so the failure of Steam to bla-bla-bla in my case doesn't necessarily transfer to your case.
  20. Lol, thanks for the compliment, but I wouldn't know how to update a hair on SexLab Framework's scrotum. ๐Ÿ˜ I have nothing to do with developing/updating it- I just talk a lot here because I know a little about how the mod works from a user standpoint and I like helping others.
  21. Just revert your game- AE doesn't offer anything of value to players AFAIK, it is just a strategic anti-free-mods move by Bethesda/Microsoft.
  22. I use SexLab Aroused Redux 28b Edited by Baka. The "advantage" is that It Just Worksโ„ข . That said, the other versions probably work too. I use the Baka version because his SexLab Approach mod lists it as a requirement. ๐Ÿ˜ I ended up uninstalling SexLab Approach because it is broken, but still have the Baka Aroused Redux version.
  23. I wish I knew what was wrong with LoversLab file uploads. It simply stopped working for me, large files or small, when the big overhaul happened 6 months ago or whenever it was. So, since I can't upload the file here, I have to put it in my paid DropBox account and give you the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/smefms4zclcxs6q/Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch-266-4-2-4b-1608419879.7z?dl=0 As info, there is a newer non-AE version- 4.2.5, but I gave you what you specifically asked for- 4.2.4.
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