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SKYRIM CTD (even after fresh reinstall)


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Good Evening,

For the past 2-3 days my skyrim has been crashing nonstop. Everything seemed to have started when i installed GrandMaster unarmed mod and Way of the monk mods, but it's possible that the crashing has happened because i moved my skyrim from program files 64 to regular C: in my games folder. I thought the constant crashing was due to the mods, but in reality, after having uninstalled then reinstalling skyrim, all it manages to do is play the sounds from the Start a New Life mod, before crashing to desktop. Other times, the sound would still play, but then minimize the game to desktop and just stay like that until i close it in the task manager. When it comes to installing all the unofficial patches, using master script, installing skse and all that, i made sure to follow Gopher's videos step by step, and before this problem, it worked without fail. Also, when i do manage to load my previous save game, everything is all black, and upon making the camera face downwards, my character is replaced with a nord wearing iron set + war axe, just falling through the void. This problem happened after i uninstalled and reinstalled all my mods (again making sure to use LOOT. usleep master script switch, FNIS because i have animation mods, etc..). One noticeable thing was that at the same time it was happening, a bunch of mods were installing their menus in the MCM. As soon as the installations were over, if i loaded a previous save file, it would either work and then crash after passing halfway in the soul cairn (which is where i was when all of this started), or crashing immediately. Unfortunately i do not have logs of the times where my character was falling the the void, because after uninstalling skyrim and reinstalling it, only putting the mods in the logs below, that problem disappeared all together, but the CTD remains. If i remove Start Another Life, it's the standard Helgen sequence, but it crashes shortly after again. Also, i'm currently playing on Legendary Edition, if problems persist would it be advisable to buy the Special Edition instead? There are less mods available for it, and unfortunately my graphics card doesn't support the minimum requirements, so i'm at a loss for what i should do.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,







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You don't need the "Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp" (and the same for the DLCs) if you are using USLEEP (and you are: Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch)

You sure you installed SKSE correctly and you are running the game from SKSE?

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Indeed i am, the thing is i wanted to make sure the unofficial patches were successfully running (after running usleep master script i disable the other unofficial patches because it says that it would crash my game) because plenty of the mods i was using before when the game was still working required the USLEEP patch. When it came to installing SKSE 1.7.3, I followed a tip saying that it would be better to install it manually rather than using the installer, but in both cases it just doesn't work anymore. I even excluded SKSE and TESV5 from firewall but it doesn't seem to work either. 

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Does it help to know that I acquired this skyrim from my friend? At the time i wasn't at all versed on whether steam games were transferable at all or not (I never played steam games), but now it seems after research that it is not possible to give a game you (my friend in this case) have already installed, so i'm starting to think that the copy i have is not a certified copy, but rather a cracked one. Will ask my friend if it is a certified versioni, if that is not the case, i am 100% going to buy an original skyrim, but would that fix the problem?

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Also correction, a lot of the mods i were using required past unofficial patches, and since i'm a novice when it comes to modding, i made sure to use the master script with TESVEdit in hopes that any possible problem wouldn't arise. As for cleaning the master files, i'd say i do it pretty regularly. Actually now that i think about it, the installer i use isn't from steam, meaning that this version MUST be cracked. I'm going to buy the original version and see how if it works, sorry to have wasted your time if that was the issue.

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