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[solved] [req] New Ninirim mods

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Does anyone have alternate downloads for Ninirim's newer armor mods, namely "Dragon Rises" and "Shining Will?" And/or does anyone know if they're even public?  I'm not sure if they're Patreon rewards or whatever.


I would like to not have to make a tumblr account if possible.




Edit: http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-2160.html


Links for reference

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27 minutes ago, 7th Sinner said:

You don't have to have a tumblr account to visit ninirim's tumblr. Besides, ninirim's tumblr post has links to working google drive downloads, so I don't understand what your problem is.

Apparently I do, because of "safe mode."  I can't view anything without logging in.

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16 minutes ago, specnot said:

Don't worry about the problem loading the preview warning.  A download button comes up anyway.  Click it to get the download.  Also, thank you to the for posting the links!

for me this is not the case, just a message * try again ....* :classic_wink:

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