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Need help with a glossy texture on armor


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It's taken me a few days and some help from other getting my custom armor mod into the game but now I've hit a different issue and no one I know seems to know what the problem is.


Currently, the armor looks looks like this in game, a weird glossiness over the textures I'm using for the robes and under-armor. I'm using some textures from two different mods, one that retextures steel plates and another that retextures robes, and I haven't altered the textures except for cutting off (making the kilt of the steel plate armor transparent) the kilt on the front and back of the armor to cause clipping. I have not altered the _n.dds normal maps of either textures and I have not altered the textures the robe uses at all.


I'm stumped, I thought perhaps I had incorrectly pathed the .dds for the meshes to use in Outfit Studio, but I went and double, triple, quadruple checked, everything is in order as far as I can tell. Therefore, I have no idea what's causing this glossiness on the robes and the armor. If anyone can give me some information or theories what's causing this I'd appreciate it a ton.


(Apologies for triple post)

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This crap appears on some of the stuff in my game and I'm also trying to figure out how to get rid of it.  Some sabrecats (probably from Immersive Creatures mod) have this same ugly glossiness and so do some static meshes.  I'm thinking it has something to do with the cubemaps but I really don't have much of a clue when it comes to textures and alpha channels and blah blah blah.  I'm just posting here to keep an eye on this and see where it goes.

I'm thinking right now I'm going to erase all of the cubemaps in the folder just to see what happens, and then insert them back one by one if they have any effect... in fact, I'll go do that right now.

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4 minutes ago, foreveraloneguy said:

Like Franky said, it's in the BSLightingShader. Is this a single mesh object, and if so, how did you set up the NiAlphaProperty?

I don't know a damn thing about a damn thing with this stuff, the only thing I was told I needed to do in nifskope was something involving dismemberment, but I don't know what else I need to do in nifskope for the alphaproperty thing. I assume it is a single mesh object, but I'm not sure, all the extra furniture pieces and the robes/armor are all in one .nif file

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I think I manged to figure out why the armor layer of the mesh was glossy, I had a typo in the texture pathing for the normalmaps in both meshes, I amended that. But I still have no clue with this thing about nialphaproperty is and how I would set it up. I went into nifskope to track down this setting, which I found under nitrinodes for each mesh that was glossy, turns out more than just my robe meshes are lacking the nialphaproperty, but I don't want to touch it without knowledge of what I should set the value for it to.


I also noted that my meshes for the shoulder plates lack any values for nialphaproperty while the steel armor mesh itself does possess the property, I'm not sure if that's fine the way it is or if it needs to be fixed as well.

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The quick and dirty fix is to go into the BSLightingShaderProperty for the bits that you don't want to be glossy, open Shader Flags 1 in the bottom window and uncheck SLSF1_Specular.


Another way would be to look at the alpha channel of the normal maps for the bits that are too glossy. Specualarity is controlled in the alpha channel. Black is no shine. White is supernova, so you can regulate it with a bit more control that way.


Other options are - change the glossiness value. The larger the number the smaller the spread of gloss

                            - change the specular color to something less obvious than the blinding white it is now. mb the color of the object

                            - change the specular strength - 0 is off, 1 is maximum. (this is the same as making a map in the alpha of the normal map except you can't decide where on the particular mesh it happens. The result will be uniform)

                            - add an environmental map (also known as a cube map) -  this would be the way that will make you look all pro. To do this you need to change the shader type at the very top of the shader property window to environment map. Add SLSF1 environmental mapping to Shader Flags 1. Then go into the skyrim.bsa and look in textures/cubemaps and pick one to try. eg if you want it to look all silky, chrome works really well. Rough cloth, shineydull is good. try a few out. mb you want a nice green tinge? Put the texture path for this in slot 5 of the textureSet. Then make a mask for your texture. again black is off, white is supernova. For cloth you will want mostly black with some dark grey stripes (gradient stripes if you want to go super pro) to make it look like there are folds in the cloth. Call your mask texture_m.dds and put it in slot 6. You can then regulate the strength of this effect in the Environment Map Scale.


A combination of all these things will enable you to create any effect you desire. Oh, and you should check Double sided in shader flags 2, cause mb you will aant to take upskirt screenies one day? who knows. And don't make all these changes to the _1 nif, then do it all again for the _0 nif, and then again for every other Nitrishape. Do it once, rclick the BSLightingShaderProperty > copy branch. Then go to all the others BSlightingShaderProperties - rclick >remove branch. Click on the NiTrishape - rclick paste branch.


Have fun :smile:

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some armor mod _n were made with crazybump

those _n aren't transparent, unlike the ones you have in textures.bsa

for metal mesh it's fine to have it shine

for clothes or hats... you follow one of the gimp _n tuto to make transparent _n






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