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  1. I have serana and sofia as followers. They respond completely normally as followers. However, SLS thinks I have no followers. And using the mcm option for updating escorts does not find either of them. Are followers using the default follower framework required?
  2. So I did a thing... I was having trouble with devious devices and did the remove all from the debug which removed by binder that had been put on by a guard. Of course, the next time I stuck my head outside, he stuck another binder on me. I've been waiting two weeks and the binder won't self-unlock and I'm stuck. Any way to get past this other than just cheating the binder off again then never coming back to this city?
  3. Latex dresses for one. I haven't through all of them to find out. xedit says the patch is the conflict winner for all records. I've never gotten only patching ARMA records to work. I always have to patch ARMO records as well. Same with the reverse.
  4. I have the SE patch installed, but I'm still seeing a lot of gaps between the body and hands/feet. Looking at the patch, it's only patching ARMA records. The ARMO records need to be patched too.
  5. Anyone have updated scripts? Many of the mods for SE use different esps. For example, HN66 sleek outfits was merged with the litheria race mod by HN66, so now the esp is just HN66 Litheria SE.esp. Even the SE ports where the esp name is unchanged don't seem to be getting picked up. For example, I have KS Jewelery for SE which uses the same esp name, but it doesn't seem to be getting picked up. None of the items show up in the vendors. The other point is that since this uses Game.GetModByName to detect installed esps, that function won't be compatible with mods that have been converted to
  6. Can confirm. After making this change and recompiling, FHU Baka Edition is detected as installed. There was some script change that was mentioned as being needed which I never found. I did find someone that had made the change and packaged up for SE though, so it's good now. I was kind of missing that mod. I mean, fucking your way through every situation should have some consequences.
  7. I'm on SE, and Apropos isn't available as far as I know, so this is good news.
  8. I was about to report the same issue with FHU, so instead I'll wait for a future release. What's odd is that all the MCM options are enabled, but it looks like they should be disabled if I'm reading the script right.
  9. Been playing around with this for a couple of days. I gotta say, it's makes things considerably more fun. The only thing I've run into is that I have a high alchemy skill, and it's easy to make potions that apply 2-3 effects. These potions cause a CTD 100% of the time. Potions that apply a single effect seem to be fine. I was looking at the scripts, and I suspect that the morphologyeffectalchscript isn't able to handle multiple strings when there are multiple effects being applied at the same time, whereas the sleep script seems to iterate through effects to apply them. Would it be possible t
  10. Finally got around to this, and the follower of dibella quest started correctly on a new save. Now I'm trying to sort out the piercing madness. Looking through the scripts, it looks like only specific mods are supported. Unfortunately for me, while I have a a number of mods that add body piercings, I don't have any of the ones listed other than ks jewelry, or the esp name has changed when the mod was ported to SE. For example, I see that HN66 Sleek Outfits is supported, but the Litheria race and outfits were merged for SE.
  11. My overlays are set to 24 across the board. And this has happened to the last 5-6 characters I've tested with. It continued to happen after switching from the previous conversion to the a conversion of the 2020-07 release.
  12. There's no SE conversion posted on the main page, so where'd you get it? I've done conversions of the last two versions, but both have had this problem so I haven't been trying to get Blue to post anything.
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