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Porting armors from other games.


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I'm mostly interested in how legal it is.


EnMasse and CDProjekt Red allows people to port their stuff but what's going on with BDO for example? They stopped Team Tal from releasing BDO stuff because they were monetizing it. Does this mean it's okay to port BDO stuff if it's completely free? It's pretty easy to find BDO armors on other sites...



Then there's Aion, Lineage 2, Guild Wars 2, Vindictus, Dark Souls, BloodBorne, Bless. Found quite a few ports but i have no clue how legal they are.



Anyone knows which games are okay to extract armors? I'm interested in porting stuff but since Tera received so much attention i'm looking for other games. 



I know i could do whatever i want on my own PC but it's no fun if you can't share it with others.



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If you are porting stuff for yourself it's not a problem it's if you start uploading them that might cause a problem depending on what their permissions are for their stuff.


I have ported a lot of stuff to skyrim but haven't uploaded anything as I don't have their permission to do so.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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