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Properly setting up the linker for papyrus


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So, I am an experienced programmer, mostly used to languages like C++ and java, I have gone into some of my mods and tried to adjust their scripts just a little to make them more to my liking, though when I attempt to compile them I get errors of functions not existing which exist in other classes. These same errors show up when I try to compile the provided source without modifications, and the same type of errors occur across multiple mods. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to fix said issues? I use MO, and run the papyrus compiler directly rather than going through the CK.

For reference the mods in question are SL multiple orgasms, World's dawn, and SGO 3

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"run the papyrus compiler directly"


like in a command window? did you open the command window via mo? if not, it will never find anything. papyruscompiler.exe must be executed through a MO vfs, for example, i launch sublime text via mo and then f7 compiles the scripts because of the vfs sublime has access too. not all editors can handle this. visual studio code apparently while it launches, runs build systems in a completely separate process that dont have access to the vfs.


additionally, for old skyrim you need a hacked copy to do this via mo because original mo1 cannot 64bit.



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