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The Hypothetical Chamber


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Lol not that Eli. I shortened his name to El and made him beffy.


In Skyrim a beefy Dunmer is not exactly low key but then again all men in Skyrim are British so he would be more mistaken for a merc than and Alchemical mastmind.


I can try making him an Alt and see what that does for me.


I feel like he should have an Axe. A fucking big one. He's evolving to fit the ideal appearance still so it can be changed.


Maybe I can give him a non enchanted Volendrung hammer?


Not exactly a Jesse Pinkman lol

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I love it! What I will probably do is take the shroud armor or thieves guild armor and cut the torso out and just have the pants and boots.


He's a big fucker so I feel like a dagger or even 2 would take away from his " I won't want to mess with this guy" feel. 


Good suggestions though. There will be a few more NPCs to add a bit later 


The whole back side of the docks is Els little operation. Right under the imperials noses. Kinda a hide in plane sight kinda deal. His front is that he is an Ex Redoran bounty hunter retired and moved to Skyrim to retire in peace and run a river fairy.


In reality he boats are used to export skooma.


There will/ should be a story about how Amber and El met and ended up working together.


Amber the Daughter of a Blade

And El the Winterhold drop out.


Maybe met in Riften when they were down and ended working together in the thieves guild?


That would be a rich back story.



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The whole skooma trade it's self has a lot to do with Riften. Branching to solitude with a nice trade setting would be ideal for making money.


That being said I can make several new and different types of Skooma. New bottles and even skooma disguised as mana potions or something.


Back in Morrowind having skooma was a big deal even having moon sugar prevented some vendors from trading with you. And now days it's like whatever.


Balmora in morrowind had a skooma den


Bravil in Oblivion had a skooma den


So in Skyrim I think it's important to uphold skooma trade and use and even amplify it.


It really important to the history of TES I think

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