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Tongue mod?

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1 hour ago, myuhinny said:

That is from author halofarms and can be found here. http://mod.dysintropi.me/mods/skyrim/ Look for the one named HTools. It comes with both the posed tongues and posed feet.

Your amazing! Thank you! Also, while you are here, I did a booboo again by trying to install that creature spell mod you recommended, but once again something happened and the creatures don't have schlongs anymore.  Rather than going through the hassle of looking for a fix, I decided to undo everything by uninstalling the latest creature SLAL and just reinstalling the old one where the creatures schlongs were present, but now the schlongs have disappeared.  And the button to re-register it is grayed out, know of a fix for this?


edit: nvm, I got it to work after uninstalling and reeinstalling creature frameworks and jcontainer

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53 minutes ago, SexDwarf2250 said:

You can also use Sexlab Utils to force auto equip a tongue or other such item (dongs, plugs, probably drool/dribbling "gear") at the start of a sex act, and remove it at the end, based on a few different criteria. (Assuming you are using Sexlab)

I am using sex lab, but no don't know now sexutil works, nevertheless equipping those items you mentioned

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