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  1. Should be perfectly fine to run anyway.
  2. Same here, the boob portraits are fantastic too A shame there isn't more for Starsector, though.
  3. For some reason or other, it appears they get triggered to follow you via DM3. This is compounded by the "Stop following me" dialogue not showing up without the DM3 book in your inventory. Get the book, and you can then tell them to stop following you. This has been brought to the DM3 dev's attention and the book will not be needed to tell them to fuck off in a future release. (No idea what is causing them to trigger to follow in the first place - hopefully that will be fixed as well.)
  4. Hey there buddy. Here's another one you might wanna add for your next playthrough if you haven't checked it out yet.
  5. Great light weight concept. I don't normally use succubus mods, but this one looks interesting. However, my concern is that illusion magic can already be one of the most OP schools in the game. I do entire playthroughs casting nothing but illusion, and watching enemies murder each other from the shadows. So, I would consider the 1 point cost of illusion spells going up over time until you have sex again - or something similar. This adds a soft need to have sex even for illusion spells. I might also make them scale a little... cost from 1-5 right after sex. This slowly goes up to 2
  6. Had this udpated for a while, thought I'd drop it off here. Edit: Woops. File should be good now. That's what I get for fixing typos.
  7. Going to drop this question in here too since it's a compatibility patch, and this is probably the more active thread: The SE+ Human/Humanoid mods and the compatibility patches on this forum - I can't get monogender stuff from LV to work with them. It's a real shame, the SE+ Human(oid) mod series add a ton of great stuff, but I also just can't play without LV. Does anyone out there who uses LV, SE+ human(oid) mods and the compat. patches (here and here) know what I need to do to get the mono-gender traits etc to work with all this stuff running?
  8. Am I correct in assuming this doesn't respect mono-gender traits in LV? I've been trying all sort of combinations of patches, but no matter what I do, SE Human/oid+ aways keeps the monogender stuff from working.
  9. 30 pics or so added. Updated version. Not that this can really break anything in the first place.
  10. A gore/guro/castration tag might be nice for events where someone is, e.g., tearing chunks of meat out of the inside of women with a gauntleted hand.
  11. He literally only said that he likes the ideas but unfortunately they won't happen. The guy who "wants something for nothing" is probably who you think you're responding to, but aside from getting it wrong you're still just being arrogant and condescending. Before you jump down someone's throat at least read enough to figure out who said what. The person you guys are bitching at isn't the one who voiced the ideas that have your vagina in a knot, and the person who did was just throwing ideas out there. Simmer down, grandpas.
  12. These mods unlock more sliders, for whomever was asking about that above. https://www.nexusmods.com/mountandblade2bannerlord/mods/177 https://www.nexusmods.com/mountandblade2bannerlord/mods/118
  13. Just wondering, was there ever a post anywhere that explained the mechanics of how all the devices work and react, in detail?
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