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[SEARCH/QUESTION] Kissing animations

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Hi everyone! For some time one thing in my Skyrim bothers me: as far as I understand by default there is one variant of kissing animation, named something like "Leito's kissing", but for some reason (I'm almost sure I messed up something, maybe diffirent mod incompatibilities) all phases of this animation plays several times in a row starting over and over (for example first stage, two characters stand opposite each other, approach each other, then the kiss begins, and suddenly they again stand on distance, and repeat for several times on each phase) breaking immersion.

Since I had no similar problem (or they much less noticeable) with any other animations and there is no other kissing animations in my Skyrim I've got 2 questions

Q1: if you understood my explanation, can you advice me way to fix this problem? P.S. I always run FNIS after making changes in modpack, so I think it's not where I failed

Q2: is there any other kissing animations available to be used/registered in sexlab (so other mods can use it when start kissing event)?

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If that's the only kissing/foreplay animation you have installed (there are a handful of others out there), you can go into the Sexlab MCM under the "Timers & Stripping" section, drop-down the top menu to change to the "Foreplay" timers and set each stage accordingly for the few seconds each stage plays to minimize the replay/looping of the stages.


If you have other animations that fall under that category you might end up "breaking" them if they need the longer stage timers though, that particular Leito one seems to be one of the very few with such short stages, hard to find an acceptable middle ground to make it play nice with others :confused:

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