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Textures repainting


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It's best to have nifskope and have the nif that the skirt is in loaded into it and rendered so that you can see how it looks.


You can use gimp2 and drop the texture file onto the screen and use the colorize option and set the saturation to 0 so that it changes the color to grey then adjust the lightness to left each click of the line moves the slider bar in increments of 10. When you think it is at what you think will look good click file - overwrite .DDS file then look at the outfit in nifskope and see if you like it if you don't use the undo option and try again.


If you want only certain parts black you will have to lasso the area that you want to colorize. You will not be able to go full black though as you'll remove any designs and features the texture will have. 


Gimp2 is free.


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