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[QUESTION] Is there a skimpy replacer for vanilla armors for CBBE with HDT and bodyslide support ?

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I'm looking for a good replacer of Vanilla armors with HDT and bodyslide support.


I tried this mod and still use it right now : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29827/? But when my character or any female NPC wear these armors or outfit, they don't have the body shape of my Bodyslide's preset... and don't have the belly physics too.


So my question is the following : Is there any Skimpy replacer for vanilla armors, for CBBE with HDT and Bodyslide support in order to have the same body shape as my preset and to be able to have Belly physics.


Hope you understood me, Thanks in advance, sorry for my poor English. ;)

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