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Combine body textures with Tattos


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can someone explain me how to do it step by step..


or i can upload body textures. i dont have any photoshop Gimp expieriences


there's no step by step technique for what you're asking.


2 ways to do it

1) open the skin texture (from memory i think it's femalebody_1.dds) into a pixel editor that can import/export a dds and add it directly to the skin. There's plenty of tutorials for both programs how to do that.


2) create a skin-tight, transparent model and use the aforementioned pixel editor to paint it on the model.


method 1 is simplest but "permanent" in the game. method 2 is more complex but would allow for higher resolution and be changeable in game.


My entire post is birds-eye view. there's tutorials out on the web for pretty much how to learn to do everything i've mentioned.

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