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CBBE SE Boldyslide Lich King Armor Conversion Test

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First time attempting a full on port w/ re-texture and ESP file.  


As far as I can tell it's working properly, but wanted some folks to give it a test run and critique it if at all possible


I have not gained permission from the mod author as of yet, this is for testing purposes only atm. 


After critique and permissions, the textures will be properly compressed, physics version added to bodyslide, etc. etc.  Input appreciated!!!



Lich King Armor Conversion.7z


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18 hours ago, Ironmind91 said:

For me the only issue is the thong is purple but only at the back, missing texture maybe?  Other than that a great conversion :smile:


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Woops, That's the one texture I hadn't redone and it's still pointing to the original mod's texture folder.  I'll definitely have that fixed up.  


As for the non-existent textures I'm not positive why that would be.  may need to build it in bodyslide first.  then everything, sans the undies should work properly.  

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