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  1. Awesome castle, perfect for my Vampire I also am a massive Resident Evil fan so even better
  2. Generating PoseGen.exe gives me this, missing quite a few? anyone else run into this? Im using hot keys and have the hot key version installed. https://imgur.com/4vhf4gj Also in game still nothing https://imgur.com/undefined
  3. Thank you so much I appreciate the links Yeah to be honest mate I don't even know why I use edge anymore. I just like the layout I guess.
  4. Sorry I probably should have stated that, I'm an Edge user.
  5. That program did nothing. It did make my system slightly faster though lol.
  6. Anyone else having an issue with pics loading on http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/ ? I only have this issue on this site no idea how to fix
  7. You're better off asking for this over on the cbbe bodyslide conversions thread. Its a few down from the pinned ones
  8. You can make it at any forge and yes it is.
  9. You might also need to add the CharGen folder as well, for some reason I couldn't load or save a preset without manually creating the folders first (it used to do it for you when you saved) Should look like this : Data\SKSE\Plugins\CharGen\Presets
  10. It works, I'm using it. Some things haven't been done yet, hence the alpha state, but loading presets and most of the sliders work. You will need to modify the oldrim RaceMenu with the new plugins for it to work though.
  11. Would be amazing if the dress in "sweet rebel" could just be the skirt and not one whole outfit. The bottom would look amazing with another one of our mods
  12. Take your time, hardly anyone is doing conversions to the new cbbe so we need people like you haha. Don't burn yourself out
  13. Why is it hidden? I got in just in time
  14. You wouldn't be able to share that preset, would you? Once I pick my jaw up off the floor that is.
  15. You will have to pardon my ignorance Sun as I'm not sure how to do any of that haha. Another thing is people keep telling me to put some clothes on while I'm wearing this?
  16. Mgs5, the thing that started the whole #fuckkonami thing was released on pc as well as consoles..lol.
  17. I've noticed something weird with the ankles of the new conversion, they seem "thicker"? Ill attach screen shots of the mod in Oldrim and then SE with both weight set to 1 in both games. Also the stockings go all the way up now? and in first person you get the mining clothes sleeves even with only the dress equipped?
  18. I have a ps4 pro and pc and my ps4 is collecting dust. HZD is good but not great, other then playing the Crash Bandicoot remaster it just sits there waiting for The Last Of Us 2... I would do what I do, scroll through the Steam sale until something jumps at you.
  19. I’m in the middle of upgrading my rig but once it’s back together I can’t wait to try this thank you so much!
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