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  1. Awesome, thanks guys. Knew it was something silly.
  2. Getting a little annoyed, I know it's just a tiny mistake here somewhere, but for the life of me I cannot figure out why I can't get this mod to work. Here is the Umodel directory for what I'm working on, the UE4 file structure before export, and the folder in the back shows my folder structure before packing. Anyone able to spot the mistake?
  3. Cool ty for that. The normals are inverted so when I saw them being orange instead of the more yellow when inverted threw me for a loop.
  4. Hey, so I'm playing around with Texmod on Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Works great but the normal maps (at least I think it's a normal map) is really odd - The channels used are Red, Blue, and Alpha, no Green channel is used. The other textures are a standard diffuse, a specular (Green channel), and masking textures. Can anyone explain what's up with those normals? I'm up at work right now so can't post up the textures in question until this evening.
  5. What's the general rule of thumb on lack of response? Of the few conversions I've made, I've messaged the original mod authors about permissions and have yet to get a reply, so after about a week I've uploaded (just here, not to nexus) Obviously if I do get a response denying the request I'll take them down, but I'm unsure if there is a general rule of thumb to it or not.
  6. Haven't tested it yet, but should have the 1st person issues fixed now. Lolita_Dress_v2.7z
  7. Yes, I'ts on my list of things to do. depending on the weather tomorrow I may be able to get it fixed tomorrow. Working a full time job while trying to be the Architect, engineer, general contractor and doing all the labor I can on my own was a wee bit more to bite off than I can chew lol. 95% done though, just polishing things up for the final inspection (hence the late late nights). only 80? Amateur
  8. Lich King armor re-upload with missing panty texture fix, Properly compressed normals using BC7 compression to greatly reduce the overall file size with no real loss in fidelity, a few minor tweaks to give it a less shiny, more ice like appearance, and a CBBE physic enabled option added as well in bodyslide. Pre-built meshes using CBBE Curvy included. Lich_King_conversion_1.1Lich_King_conversion_1.1
  9. yes, other pieces built using same reference but do not export reference.
  10. The feet and ankles were quite the challenge, the reason for the thick looking ankles is I had the option of putting the heels part way into the ground or having fat ankles unfortunately. Opted to reduce the distance between the foot and the calf in order to get things to line up properly. The sleeves look like a derp moment on my end just like the purple panties issue on the Arthas armor conversion. I'll fix both of those tomorrow. In the mean time I'm having a heck of a time getting the Milla Maxwell armor conversion to work. The top works splendidly, but the leggings, skirt, and panties won't show up. Been all through sse edit comparing and contrasting to different mods with similar pieces, same using nifscope, and I can't for the life of me figure out what my malfunction is here *Note this is not working properly* Please only download if you are kind enough to fix, or show me where the error is P.S. if you fix it, feel free to claim it as your own, couldn't care less about cudo's or e-peen points Milla_Outfit.7z
  11. Lolita Dress (physics) Tested in game, worked fine, just really suck at screen archery. Lolita_Dress.7z
  12. Forwarding all work to this thread to unify things: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/86541-cbbe-bodyslide-conversions/ just shoot me a PM or post in that thread and I will continue to see what I can do. Lolita outfit being posted there.
  13. Conversion in outfit studio complete, gotta get to work though, when I get back I'll finish it up.
  14. Woops, That's the one texture I hadn't redone and it's still pointing to the original mod's texture folder. I'll definitely have that fixed up. As for the non-existent textures I'm not positive why that would be. may need to build it in bodyslide first. then everything, sans the undies should work properly.
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