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Vilja Adjustments

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So I really like the Vilja ( https://rd.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/6722?tab=description ) companion mod but I want her to look a little different.


I want to give her a tan and set her weight to max.  So in the creation kit I set her weight to max and skin tone to the number 7 option and it looks great but there is an annoying neck seam where the textures don't quite match: https://i.imgur.com/7m5OGtX.jpg 


Any suggestions for fixing this issue?

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19 hours ago, myuhinny said:

That is because she isn't using the same texture set for the whole body. For the whole body to look the same the hands feet body and head textures must come from the name texture set or mismatch will ensue.


Also is this suppose to be in the skyrim area of the skyrim SE area?

It is for special edition and after I did a little more messing around with textures I got the issue fixed.

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Vilja in my game is at max weight by default.  Cause when I undress her to change her outfit she has a nice ass and a pair of big ole titties, using the new CBBE body and the UNPB preset..  I would like to see a pic of your Vilja with a tan.  If I like it I might do something similar.

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