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  1. This mod works lovely but in sex scenes the dick only shows up as the smallest size. Is there anyway to fix that?
  2. I have this set up for SSE but for some reason my soul gems are not progressing. Never mind I fixed it by making it back into an ESM
  3. My bad. I downloaded from the chinese sight and did not see the dependency when I checked. So thanks for having me check a third time as I saw this time. Sorry for the trouble.
  4. When I install HDT and launch the game I get no physics and then the log shows: ERROR: hdtSSEFramework failed to launch and that's it. Any idea what might be wrong? I have the latest version of SKSE and SSE. CBP works just fine though. I have run FNIS after installing and have the HDT XP32 skeleton.
  5. @DustinMock I have converted the daedric armor I use to a bodyslide CBBE body with outfit studio. I can upload those files if they'll help you.
  6. Thanks! I can upload the texture folder and facegen data if you are interested.
  7. The file is sadly no longer on the Nexus but it is my favorite Daedric armor: daedrictorsof_0.nif daedrictorsof_1.nif Link no to forum thread for the closed mod: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/548136-daedricfemale-for-chsbhc-bbp/page-1 I would like to get the original file for this mod as it included a few variants of this armor that I would like to convert to skyrim special edition edit: Updated with my own conversion of what I have to a hard coded bodyslide body. Not bodyslide compatible but works with the body I use.
  8. Hey just found this awesome looking armor mod for Skyrim Special Edition but sadly is uses the vanila body: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/2290/?
  9. It is for special edition and after I did a little more messing around with textures I got the issue fixed.
  10. So I really like the Vilja ( https://rd.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/6722?tab=description ) companion mod but I want her to look a little different. I want to give her a tan and set her weight to max. So in the creation kit I set her weight to max and skin tone to the number 7 option and it looks great but there is an annoying neck seam where the textures don't quite match: https://i.imgur.com/7m5OGtX.jpg Any suggestions for fixing this issue?
  11. The file is sadly no longer on the Nexus but it is my favorite Daedric armor: daedrictorsof_0.nif daedrictorsof_1.nif Ideally someone would still have the full mod but I sadly only have these 2 files for it. The base is CHSBHC. I hope this can get into SSE as it really is an awesome daedric armor mod.
  12. Is there anywhere I can get Soulgem Oven 2? I greatly prefered what the milk was and did in that version compared to the current version.
  13. ok thats great. I did not know that you could do this type of things with ingredients and that you were so willing to use scripts so i no longer have any issue with the way you are planning to make it work. Now the only thing that i will have to figure out is how to modify them to work the way i want them too.
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