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[REQUEST] Custom Mesh to Custom Bodyslide Preset Conversion Help

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Hello everyone!

I have two custom bodyslide presets based on CBBE for two of my PCs.

And I have a cute custom mage outfit which I tried to convert to an *older version* of one of these two presets following the Bodyslide Outfit tutorial.

The outfit looks fine at 0 weight and 100 weight only; her boobs clip through the outfit anywhere between 0 and 100 (!!!) so my conversion was not 100% successful...  :frown:

I am offering to pay someone to properly convert this custom mage outfit to these  two *newer* presets which I now use and they're not drastically different from the preset I partially unsuccesfully converted the mage outfit to. So most of the work is done!


I use:


-XP32 Maximum Extended Skeleton

-BODYSLIDE 2 - older version but will check which one when I get home

-The custom outfit I partially converted was the UNP Minidresses Mage outfit.


I am here to gauge interest and provide the necessary reference pictures, files & info before "contracting" someone. I am willing to pay $10 per outfit-to-preset conversion and can do Paypal. Thanks!


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20 hours ago, rhino_4 said:

Who the hell charges money for bodyslide work???


Post your files. Including the custom preset files.

(If this even matters, I was using BodySlide 2 when I created my 2 body presets. The "Outfit/Body" to which the presets belonged was "CalienteBodyAdvanced BBP")


This is the conversion data I was sent by a volunteer via PM:



I didn't know what to do with osd and osp files and it seems these are BS4-only files right? So...

I downloaded BS 4 and copied over all the data from BS v2 into the same folders of BS 4.

Then I copy-pasted the files from the new .zip into the same-named BodySlide folders.

Then I overwrote the magejourneymanrobesf_1.nif in the UNP MiniDresses folder with the nif in the new .zip.

Then I opened BS, and on 2 separate runs, chose both of the presets I included in my original Conversion Files.zip.

Then I did "Build", then checked off "Build Morphs", then clicked Batch Build, and checked off "Mage Journeyman Robes" then finished.

I loaded a savegame and my nude PC had the right BODY for both presets I chose (though her wrists are more disconnected than before from her hands...) BUT when I put on the robes, she looks exactly the same from 0-99 weight (as if she's 0-weight).

At 100 weight *POOF* she has the wrong body (original 100-weight CBBE body), although the dress length was shortened as requested.




Where did I go wrong?

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