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Red Triangles! Legacy Of The Dragonborn.


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As you can see from the picture i have this issue with these red triangles. This is in front of the Dragonborn Museum added by Legacy of the Dragonborn. This is the only place this is occurring. Ive done my research and I found out that this means there is a missing texture. But can anyone tell me what missing texture that is? I seriously don't want to uninstall all my mods for the 3rd time today just to find this 1 missing texture..... Its only in this area, I've checked every other place that has waterfalls like this. Please save me from another 3 hours of remodding Skyrim.. If you need my load order just ask, although since its a missing texture I don't think the problem is my load order.


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Well........you didn't do your homework very well.  Missing textures shows the mesh, but it is purple.

Red triangles with the exclamation marks means you are missing meshes themselves.


Long story short, you need to reinstall your mods.  This time, make certain you install all files (or archives) and install them to the right location.  Look in particular if there is a patch to a mod or a dependent mod (or mod requirement).  As to other help, you can narrow down what mod the missing mesh is from by closely approaching the missing mesh while in game, activate console (you have to use MFG Console for this), click on the missing mesh and check the ID. This will give you the master containing the mesh and you can troubleshoot from there.


MFG Console link:  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/44596/

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