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Gags not Working

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1 hour ago, TapingFan said:

Second one.

Have you made sure that none of the DD scripts have been overwritten? Or are you using any mods that modify the base DD devices in any way, for example DD for him? (The beast race one is updated I believe, so should be fine)


EDIT: Also, what gags have you tried? Are they from DDi/DDx or from another mod?

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30 minutes ago, TapingFan said:

According to that they are overwriting parts of captured dreams and cursed loot and nothing is overwriting them.

Well, I can't see any mods I know to be an issue in that list. Only other thing I can think of to ask is: did you remember to save and then load after starting sexlab? So that devious devices can start.

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Did you try a new game without dcul & cd? I'm not sure about CD since it hasn't been updated to use DD4, but i'm pretty sure dcul should overwrite DD4, not the other way around. It would be strange if that disables gags, but... try without both to see if there is a conflict or if it still happens without them. Then you can go on to further tests.

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