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PS4 Gift Help: Fallout 4 or Skyrim Special Edition


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I'm looking to get a friend of mine into some of these fun, open world Bethesda games.   Christmas is around the corner, and I'm thinking this is my chance!  He lacks a PC or even a laptop, though I HAVE managed to "sell" him my old Playstation 4 (in all honestly I really just wanted him to have a decent current gen gaming system, and selling mine to him for cheap did the trick).  If I want him to play one of these games, it'll have to be the Playstayion 4 version.  I'm curious where to start though!  Skyrim is of course the more popular and epic game, but Fallout 4 is newer and a bit more on the fun side when it comes to tone.  I believe both have limited mod support on the PS4, but I'm not sure whether Skyrim: Special Edition or Fallout 4 is getting better attention in that regard.  Which would you recommend I stuff in his stocking (does that sound like a euphemism to anyone else), and why?  Thank you!

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