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In-Game Item Aesthetic Customizing?

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There are several mods out there that let you change how something looks!  One makes all leather armor pieces black, another gives your Pip-boy a new skin, etc.  Heck, with Armorsmith Extended, pretty much every article of clothing has a lovely little "color pallet" option next to it in the workbench!  Any my personal favorite, altering the way laser weapons sound and look, including the blast colors!


Here's the problem: Those skins mods?  Usually replacers.  That pallet option at the workbench?  Practically always BLANK.  And those lovely weapon mods?  Many offer CHOICES, but you CAN ONLY CHOOSE ONE.


I'd really like more in-game customization, straight from the craftbench.  I want to paint that metal plate of armor and color I please, dye those clothes, slap a shinier casing on that laser, switch out the wood on that rifle, slap patches and logos on EVERYTHING, and really go wild with that stuff.  Especially the default game items, and not just stuff added by mods!  Even better, I'd like a mod-slot on any energy weapon that lets me CHOOSE THE LASER COLOR, maybe even seperatly from the effects.  Make that plasma rifle fire blasts of orange plasma, that detonate with a blinding pink explosion, then melt my enemies into piles of purple goo. XD  Maybe add another mod slot to change the firing sound from "BLAM BLAM" to "pew pew", or make it sound like a phaser, or a blaster from Star Wars!  .........honestly, I'd be happy if I could just make my automatic laser pistol fire a different color than my long range sniping laser rifle, just so it felt like I was honestly carrying around two totally different weapons.  Plus, COLORS ARE JUST FUN!!! XD


I've noticed a FEW mods making more of an effort in this.  We've got some decent mods for coloring Power Armor, even though figuring out which ones to install and in what order can be a bit of a pain.  There's a pretty recent mod for crafting Pip-boys in-game I'd like to check out, though it could use a bit of streamlining to make it less clunky (settings holotapes, breaking your immersion and cluttering up your inventory with awkward acronyms you can't tell apart since the early days of FO4 modding, still going strong!).  I've also found a small mod that lets you paint certain helmets, and a very AWESOME one that lets you fully customize Combat Armor, altering each piece's shape, paint, applying camo, or slapping on logos (which was difficult to set up, but REALLY cool when it paid off).  Still, a LOT of things in the game could still use some love, and considering the ambitious stuff that's happened so far, I'm a bit sad we haven't made a mod that, say, let's you bleach out a dress, then dye it a different color.  Maybe one that lets you give your fancy new blaster a chrome finish, then paint the thing pink the next day on a whim.  I want to make the lens of your welding goggles glow red, then change it to green cause you think it looks better with your new armor!  Let's add a few more decent paint-jobs for your Automatrons; can you imagine the silly hi-jinks of slapping some graffiti onto the side of Codsworth's dome when you're finishing with his upgrades?  Maybe gotten sick of that red workbench clashing with your home's decor, and repainting it something that fits in better?  There's so much junk in game we could use so the crafting feels more immersive.  Mix up various items and foods at the chem station to make dye or paint, or use a few bottles of Nuka Cola Quantum to make your mask glow in the dark! I just kinda wish we would spend a bit more time improving the looks and options for the lore-friendly items already in game; is a color swap for existing assets with options to change it from the craft-menu so much harder than making those brand new, overpowered lore-breaking weapons and armors with 200 customization options?  Guess I just feel like we've kinda skipped over a few of the more obvious tweaks in our haste to get to the REALLY challenging stuff!


If you've found any mods that do a great job at adding in some customization options (one's that work IN-GAME, and aren't just a one time install), please share!  Crafting and customizing is my favorite part about this game, and I'm always on the lookout for more options! ^_^


P.S.  Seriously though, in-game laser weapon sound and color options.  That would be SWEET.

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