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FappOut [InProgress, 0.1] (MG Team) [uncen][2017][Unity][Fallout universe]


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Year: 2017
Release date: 25.01.2018
Tags: ADV, Animation, BDSM, BodyMods, Oral sex, Mutation, Public sex, Bizarre, Cum inside, Insertion
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: MG Team
OS: PC/Windows
Status: In progress
Version: 0.1
Language: English/Russian
Minimum requirements: OS Windows 7 and newer, HDD 200Mb


– Oh, Stranger! What did you come here for?!
– Wanna listen to some Uncle Tailer’s fairytale? My name is Tailer Shitatongue, but you may call me... Hmm... Incomparable Tailer Shitatongue. Huhuhuh! Well, I’ll tell you an amazing story. So...


– War. War never changes...
– There were people, and one day they dropped big atomic bombs onto each other’s heads. Boom! And no traces remained of the former world. It’s been a long time since then, but people are the same dumb jerks as before. Huhuh! This is the end.
– And whataya want? Another Chosen One from another God forsaken hole? Or are you looking for girls, unstoppable pork, and drugs?


– So, WELCOME to the world of nuclear madness, sex, drugs, danger, and mystery! It is not that dull place you’ve come from. Here it’s all up to money and nice gun. D’ya have money? Then pull it outta your pocket, and take whatever you want. I will show you how the things work here.



Additional support ways:
PayPal ->
– USD Z692952491615
– EUR E647923996598
– RUR R026842428161
Download link:
>> world version 0.1 first chapter for windows <<
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Health to you, traveler!

At Christmas we will make for you the completely finished first chapter of our game.
Adorable new girls and games with them waiting for you... yes, yes, you will can play with the girls, 
also you will fight with new enemies and solve interesting puzzles.


You will like it!




And we are very much waiting for your support!

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Hi, friends!

Bad news.
Our programmer has suckered us all.
That's why we delay the game update.
We do our best to solve the problem and release our game before the end of the year.

Thank you for your understanding!


P.S. If you ever meet this “Unity Guru” — www.vk.com/ovden — have no dealings with him!!!
As your task gets more difficult he’ll give you some pieces of whatever it is and refuse to refund advanced payment, other than saying it is all your fault.

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New version is available now!


Hey, Friends!
Our team released the new version of our world.


!!! First Chapter is finished !!!

We add six new locatoins, three interesting minigames, two adorable sex animations, much storylines dialogues and sex art and more interesting things... Check it inside Wasteland!


Come in and explore!


...and we are waiting for your feedback and your support.

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