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Mod Identification?

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If using MO, finding the conflicting texture is rather simple matter of checking AS Institute for conflicts.  If using NMM, it's somewhat more troublesome.  NMM does include a downloaded and unpacked mods folder though.  You can try searching the root of that folder (where all the mods live) for the institute rifle texture.


I'm not sure which of the textures off-hand that rifle is.... but you'd be looking for mods that include: Laser_Gun_Set_01_d.dds or some number through Laser_Gun_Set_10_d.dds - as this is what is included with AS Institute Weapons Redone.


Optionally, if using NMM, you could safely uninstall it completely (as it's just textures, no plugins or scripts).  Then reinstall it.  This will force it to overwrite everything else in your LO.  Take care to mind the warnings about which mod it may be overwriting when reinstalling, and that will indicate your conflict.

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For NMM conflicts, you don't want to be looking in the actual gamepath\Data folder.  Looking there will only return you the file that is presently installed, but as you saw - not which mod installed it.  It would give you a date of install though, and you could use that to compare against your install date in NMM.... but that's tedious.


It's easier to review the Nexus Mod Manager's VirtualInstall folder.  By default, this will be wherever you installed NMM.  Mine is on E:\Games\Nexus Mod Manager\Fallout4\Mods\VirtualInstall.  In this folder, you will see an unzipped folder by mod name, for all mods actively installed.  You can search this folder root for the texture, and all folders will return as in the following window example.  Here you can note the path name of the mod's involved in the search result, to find the offender.


Note in the screenshot, I have set up your exact condition.  Some mod is overwriting the Laser_Gun_Set_01_d.dds from AS Institute Weapons Redone texture.  In this case, it is a mod called Black Institute Weapons, installed only minutes after the original one.


This is a great reason to consider using Mod Organizer.  Not only does MO not touch your game's data directory (everything is installed in a virtual folder outside your game's folder, then merged in on launch) but finding conflicts is very easy and intuitive.  MO also allows you to simply drag and drop to re-order your mod list to resolve simple ordering conflicts like this.  So maybe you really like the AS Institute Redone textures, but another mod that affects how insitutute weapons behave was installed later.  That second mod would have an .esp plugin with it, and it may even have included some texture assets (like what you are seeing in your game).  If you want to keep the plugin changes, but use your preferred textures, MO will allow you to handle this with a simple drag and drop on your mod list.  NMM supports this to, to some degree, but you'd have to uninstall/reinstall the mods to order them properly - then select what to overwrite or keep manually.


See second screen shot for a view of what MO's conflict dialogue looks like.  In that example, a body mesh from a later installed mod was conflicting with CBBE.  Left panel shows the complete mod list, right panel shows exactly which files from which mods were in conflict.



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