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[Ren'py][Free/Early Access][WIP]Something in the Water


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Hello Loverslab Community! As a long time lurker, long long time Sexlab user, long long long time adult game player. I felt it was time to give back to the community.


Demo will be available 25th December 2017


*The images not loading on patreon, I've added as attachments :) I've just registered a website so I can host my own images...When it eventually goes live!


FETISHES: Corruption, Straight, Lesbian, Voyeur

Future Fetishes:  BDSM, Forced, Incest, NTR


Due to Patreon regulations incest will need to be patched in. But it's easily done


I have in the past attempted to create a game using Rags and although I created a nice little demo, I fell out of love with Rags very quickly. I moved onto other programs, QSP being my second attempt but I soon realised I couldnt create what I wanted with that either, also with my wanting to try and create something legitimate it was pointed out to me that Pornstar pictures werent the best way to accomplish this (Copyright laws)


So this lead me to Unity!! Excellent program, I bought plug-ins to save time, and I could even use C++ which I was actually pretty good with in my college days. However after spending cash on unity to get it to do what I needed it to do, I was pointed in the direction of Ren'py. An engine I'd disregarded due to my only every seeing anime VN style games designed on it.


Turns out I'm an idiot!! And I've wasted so much time with other engines. With a heavy dose of Python code, and the odd visit to the renpy support forums I'm actually pretty damn good at coding in Ren'py, and not just VN. I've created the interface I wanted!! More than that I've created an adaptable framework I'll beable to use in games to come.


I realise I'm using Daz Studio 3D assets, and many people on the market seem to be currently doing so, I am however using purchased assets and licenses due to my wanting to create a legit development group. I also hope my attention to detail and story telling ability will stand for something when it comes to pitting my offering against the competition.


So I've talked alot, here is a picture showing 4 seperate gameplay screens.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/1wj59h4gpw557ml/gameplay.jpg


The game I'm developing has a point and click interface, mouse over an NPC and chat to them, and mouse over any hotspots to interact in various ways. Eat, Drink, Sleep, Search.


You can change your outfit, and the outfits you're wearing changes the renders in game. I have created complete renders for every outfit you can pick, and saved pre-renders to allow me to go back and make changes, or add in extra outfits later. Sounds time consuming, but it's really not and only the rendering slows me down.


The story!!


I'm not going to spoil too much, but you take control of a female protagonist called Sandy. You live with your sister Tabby, your Brother Tim and your single mother Helen.


Sandy goes to Sixth Form School, studying Photography and she also works in a restaurant.


There is a parasitic infestation coming, luckily your brother works for the very company offering the cure, so all should be fine yes?



I am ofcourse linking my patreon - http://www.patreon.com/thenerdxxx


I know theres alot of hate for patreons these days, but I hope that doesnt stop people investing in my game. I am offering the 0.1a demo for free to people on 25th December 2017, as I wouldnt expect anyone to blindly pledge. The main incentive to pledge right now, is to see the art work I'll be posting up until Xmas, A "25 days of christmas" type event.


In the future patreons will get the alpha build ahead it's public release, although I havent yet figured out a timeframe.









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A few screenshots would be nice so people can see what is in the game and so they can decide if they want to download or not as not as many will download something if there are no screenshots for them to check out. Might also want to state what fetishes will be contained in your game like incest NTR and so on so people can see that and not download if it's has any fetish they don't like.

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In the program your using is it possible to edit the protagonist name? 


-The game you're creating shows promise, but if I was a player I'd want to edit my PC's name. 


-I have some experience with DAZ studio's, but I'm not sure if it would be easy to switch out hair colors as well. In these type of games people tend to enjoy PC customization. 


-players tend to enjoy  branching paths and choices.


That's my honest critique on what you have, I plan on following your game because I genuinely enjoy games like this.


(P.S let me know if you need help writing characters, sometime's its useful to have multiple writers so the characters feel more diverse)


Once again thanks for reading, hope to hear back:)





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Will the NTR be avoidable in the game? Like can it be turned off at the start of the game some game authors do this. There is a game called two sides that has about 11 different fetishes but they have it set up where all of them are avoidable if the user wants to not see that type of fetish by not activating that fetish when asked?

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Some good questions!


1. Can you edit the player name.


I've not intended for players to do this, I've always created the story with the main girl called Sandy. It is an easy change to make, but I'm not sure whether I want to do so. I'll have a think about it :)


2. Hair colours, This is very doable but also very time consuming. For every outfit and render, I would have to create 3/4 hair colours. Blonde, Black, Brunette and our standard lovely redhead. So my 5 different renders would become 20 different renders. Again though this is doable, but I will wait to see how popular the game gets before I take such a large undertaking.


3. The game is all about the branching paths, the prologue is linear however the game is at its core tailored around decisions. Without spoiling too much, your mother is single and has various guests visiting. The way you treat these guests, or allow yourself to be treat by these guests can cause your mother to carry on seeing them, or dumping them. That's just 1 choice that impacts the way the game plays :)


4. NTR and other fetishes. I won't be adding a disable\enable function for fetishes, this is mainly because the storyline is based on attempting to push our girl into uncomfortable situations. However the same storyline is about trying to resist also. I will look into highlighting optional path fetishes though :)


Thanks for your interest!


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Pity then posting in the thread is as far as I'll ever be going here then. Should of know better when I saw that it was another game with a female protagonist that it was going to just be another molestation corruption type game with no control other then clicking here forcing her to do this and that type game. Well good luck with the game. Off to look at the next one.

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I should point out I am aiming to make all events avoidable, just not disable-able(Is that a word?) One of my work colleagues has interest in the game I'm creating, and although our main girl isnt a virgin to begin with. I did point out I was looking to create a game in which our protagonist can make the right decisions and go through the entirety of the game without having any sex of any kind.


Also, the corruption only happens if you let it. The mechanism isnt there yet. However when you sleep in the game you dream, in that dream you come face to face with your "parasite" it manifests in your dreams in different ways, different dreams. Depending on your actions during the day, this dictates your arsenal to fight the parasite, Defeating the parasite in your dream holds off corruption for that day!


And our girl Sandy won't do anything she's uncomfortable with (If she's fighting the parasites influence, that's alot)



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