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My characters modded gloves have an empty gap between his arm and armor...


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Any tool I can use to fix this issue? The issue only occurs behind arms.


I'm using the armor mod "Armored armwraps and footwraps" found on the Steam Workshop. I enjoy the mod however I don't like the empty spacing it creates between my characters skin mesh and the armor itself, it's too distracting to me and makes me feel like my characters limbs aren't even attached properly





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you must edit the mesh,

the easiest way is Bodyslide/Outfitstudio to move the vertexes from the gloves over the bodymesh.

Load the male body as reference and the gloves as outfit ,edit the gloves,hide the malereference mesh and export the gloves by overwrite the org mesh.

Do it twice,for body_0 and body_1.

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