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Animal Companion - Cheetah?

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Hi guys, I was wondering if there are any animal companion mods featuring a cheetah?

I cannot seem to find one. 

If possible, could someone link me a guide on how to create an animal companion? I dont mean the CK but like the process of creating the 3d model and what details and specifications needed to be integrated into the CK and Skyrim.




Or is it possible for someone to make one? :blush:

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2 hours ago, SmedleyDButler said:

It's not a Cheetah, but Mihail JUST released a new animal  mod which has some NPCs with big cat pets (panther & leopard): https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/88007/? but it's not clear from the description if you can obtain these pets yourself. I just asked him to clarify that.

Thanks for the info~ 

Looks interesting, ill have a look at his mods.

But in the meantime, if anyone have any other info do let me know. :blush:

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