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Can i upload mods which modifies parts of another mod?

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Maybe this should be posted in the technical part for skyrim but anyway here goes.


A while ago i was using a mod called "Gash Murug-an abandoned stronghold" and i made a hidden dwemer basement in the same .esp as the original mod.

My question is now, am i allowed to upload it? I want to add it onto my "a basement resource" mod for people who like to add new basement spaces without going through it themselves. If it is not allowed. Then des someone have a safe and easy way on removing the cell the my basement is connected to?

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As long as you don't upload their whole file you can. Say you modify a armor or retexture it. All your file should contain is the mesh or texture file that you modified and that you direct them to the original authors file as what your file needs. So then they have to download the original file and give them credit and you are not taking away their downloads and install it and then use your file to overwrite theirs. For a .ESP it would be the same thing all your file should contain is the .esp and have them download the modders file and then use yours to overwrite it.

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yeah, well that's the problem. i made the modification inside the mod i used. I renamed my file but you technically don't need the other mod. I do say in the description that you have to do it and i also said what i have exactly edited. I gave credit to the same authors the original authors used assets from to make his mod.


I recently made my mod standalone by removing every bit (i think i did atleast) from the original mod and turned it into a resource mod, not linked to anything. The mod i made originally is not posted here because the authro explicitly said so he didn't like it. I also never mentioned in the description that you can technically use it standalone. So people will still download the original, but they don't have to.


damn, i just realized how confusing this all sounds. sorry about that.

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If you do not have permission from the author then I would say no.  If he already said he didn't like it, I would avoid posting it.

It's really just as simple as getting permission..  some authors post their permissions in their readme files or on their home site for their mod as well.

If there is nothing available expressing what their permissions are, you toss them a message.   If they do not respond to the message in a long time, and there is no information on what the permissions are, then you toss another message to the author indicating your intentions.  If you have not heard anything explicitly saying you cannot post it, you should contact a moderator and express your intentions to create an adaptation and resuming the project.   


If you receive permission from the staff to do so, you can then safely post it with the understanding that the original author still reserves the right to reclaim or remove the project.

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As you stated, if the mod author states free use, then go for it.  If the mod author places restrictions, then the restrictions stand.  If the mod author forbids it, then it is not allowed here at LL.  Best case, if the mod author doesn't provide free use, then try to get permission.




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