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Wicked Jobs

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On 20/11/2017 at 11:03 AM, balthazar_m said:

Hello everyone, can any  modder author continue or create a mod like Wicked Jobs from Jen85.With the last update the mod it is broken and the author  didn't give us any feedback yet.Thank you in advance.


On 24/1/2018 at 7:13 PM, cieruxchan said:

hi i have alot of mods that are broken can somone fix this ?

i downloaded the new version and almoste everything douse not work :confused:


On 14/3/2018 at 3:21 AM, shenanigans9878carrot said:

It doesn't work for me either. Help!

Please make sure you are downloading the version of the mod that has been shared several times here and not the original one from Jen85 on the main page of this thread because it's outdated. Please see below,




Other reasons could be that you have another mod(s) that may be in conflict with this mod. There is plenty of CC mods that if outdated, can create last exception notifications for a different mod.

You can also check for several batch fixes for conflicting mods using Sims 4 Studio. Create an account on Sims 4 Studio/download Sims4Studio_v3.1.1.0 (Wishes)/Go to Tools/Find and click on Batch Fixes. They have created batch fixes for CC, objects and miscellaneous after each of the major Sims 4 updates.

Discard mods that are either very old or haven't been updated in a long time. There will be a high probability they may conflict with the new versions of the game.


Below, you'll also find a tutorial on how to deal when having last exception/error warnings that it could help you as well.




I've been testing it and it works perfectly, make sure you have the latest version of the Whickedjobs, do not mix it in another folder with different mods, or the whickedjobs folder inside another folder, this will result in the load not being included and not appear in the game, you have to appear in career as a sex worker or sex worker, I leave a screenshot so you can see how I have structured my mods folder, do not be afraid because they are almost 11Gb.




A tip, before saying that it does not work, please read the last entries, it costs nothing.

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for me the mod works great, but can we have a cheat to have a promotion? because since the last update of WickedWhims there is more skill sex is done I am stuck in my career has "prostitute in a brothel" so if you have an order I am a taker

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11 hours ago, DarkAudit said:

Seriously? The mod has been dead for literally YEARS now.


I dindn't know, I started to test the sims 4 with wickedwis stuff just few years ago.

Thanks for telling me, I'll delete that mod.


Anything else I need to know (spcially about the LL mods like Wickedwims, Nesa, etc...)

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